Sunday, July 24, 2011

San Diego Coimc Con - Day 4 - Sunday

Got a great night sleep and was up early today, we had a lot to do before the con started at 9am. Had to drive Michael and his stuff to his truck and then go back to my hotel and packed up as we were checking out. Everything went as planned,  we got everything in the jeep, checked out and even booked a room for next year just to be safe.

I had purchased a parking pass for under the convention center so it would be easier of us to leave when it was over. I had planned to dress up in my Harry Potter robes but after spending two days as a Hobbit all I wanted to do was enjoy the dealers room and shop. So I opted for just a geeky shirt only. Once again Troy and I parted ways and I wandered the floors by myself for a bit taking pictures. My brother called and said he was heading home. I hooked with my buddy Thomas and we walked the floor for a bit before he headed off to the Guild booth. About an half hour later we hooked back up at Nerd HQ for the Team Unicorn signing and I got three beautiful posters of the lovely geek girls. We then both went back to the Guild booth as I needed to get several of the Guild new posters and finally get my friend Ben's picture that he sent to me months ago signed by the cast. Once we were both done there we headed down to our cars to drop off the pictures and posters.

We meet up with my friend Jen who joined Thomas and I at Cafe Diem for some lunch... I love that place. And I covertly "borrow" one of their cool menus. I figure they can't use them again for next year so why not get a souvenir. While there Jeff Valdez found us and hung out for a bit. After lunch we headed back to con and Thomas went to see if he could get in line for the Doctor Who panel and Jen, Jeff and I met up with other Guildies and walked the floor. Around 4 we headed to the Guild booth for a final Guildie meet up and photo op. At 5pm the San Diego Comic con 2011 was officially over. 

We didn't want to leave right away as traffic would be horrible, Thomas, Jen, Troy, Aaron, Chris and myself headed to the Strip Club restaurant (it's a play on words). We get in there and notice that folks are cooking their own meat. I thought it was kind of cool but several of the folks at the table didn't think so ::cough:: Chris ::cough::. He just couldn't understand how they can charge you these high prices and then make you cook your own meat.  It didn't stop him from doing it but we got an ear full. :) As we were leaving we noticed another bunch Guildies seating down for dinner and said hi and goodbye as we left.

We all parted ways and Troy and I headed back to the convention center to head home.  When we got to my jeep I couldn't believe what I saw.

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  1. Love the photos!! The ways its going..I'm planning on attending next year!! First SDCC ever and I am excited! plan on a costume.....