Saturday, July 23, 2011

San Diego Coimc Con - Day 3 - Saturday

Since I missed so much of yesterday I was going to make sure I spent as much time at the con today as possible. Though I got in from the party around 12:30am and went to bed around 1am, I was up early around 6 and started to get ready. I didn't want to have to wait for anyone to put on my ears this morning so I actually slept with them on. I wrapped a t-shirt around my head and slept that way. So this morning I took off the shirt and the ears looked great. As for my feet, I was actually going to sleep in them because they were such a pain to get on yesterday but with the shoehorn I was hoping it wouldn't be so bad. And I needed to get them off anyways as I had some major blisters because unfortunately I gave Greg some "smaller" shoes I couldn't wear socks with them so I had to go barefoot in them and all the rubbing and sweat irritated my feet.

So first thing was to take a shower and soak my feet, but I couldn't get my head wet as I wasn't sure if the ears would stay on. I wanted to add more hair to my Hobbit feet as some fell off during the day yesterday. So with my hobbit ears on I walked to 7-11 to get some white glue. It was funny as they were setting up a farmers market in front of our hotel and I walked passed about 20 or so people and not one of them gave me a second look. Even the cashier at 7-11 didn't acknowledge that I had on Hobbit ears.

When I got back to the hotel I grabbed some snipping from the hair cut yesterday and attempted to add hair to my feet. I was somewhat successful but more of the hair just wound up sticking to my hands. Once I was done I got my Hobbit outfit on, minus the vest (lost a button at the party), then the wig and finally my feet. Again my right one went on with no issues but the left one took about 30 minutes before I could slip it on. I knew that my feet were suffering but I didn't care. I wanted to spend all day in my Hobbit outfit. I worked hard on it and wanted to show it off.

Troy and I took a taxi to the convention center this morning as I said my feet weren't doing so well. My brother was still at the hotel sleeping in a bit and planned to have his wife Lora drive down to SD and drop off his Tron outfit. Once at the convention center Troy and I parted ways and I started my rounds. I planned on doing nothing but walking around taking pictures and having pictures taken of me.

The Guild panel was the only panel I wanted to see today and was at 4ish, but I still hadn't heard if I was going to be able to get in. So I went to Brian and asked, he informed me that I would need to stand in line and if I didn't get in he said to linger in the hallways and he might be able to get me in to stand against the wall. I have to admit I was upset, hurt and disappointed. He said the reserve seating was for press and sponsors. So when the time came to get in line it was hot outside and there was no way I was going to stand in line for hours in my Hobbit outfit hoping to get in. So I opted to not go at all and for the first time I didn't get to the Guild panel :(

My brother Micheal finally showed up but not in costume as his Tron outfit had some electrical issues. And then my friend Leslie arrived in costume and we roamed the lobby area. I knew with Leslie by my side I'd be getting in a lot more pictures and that was the case. We stood in one spot for about a half hour and had person after person come take our pictures... first together, then separately.. it was pretty awesome. Then my friend Chris showed up in costume and he and Leslie decided to head back to their hotel and change. So I walked around a bit more, though my feet were killing me. Until the floor closed at 7pm. Michael, Troy and I met up with my buddy Scott and we decided to go grab a bite to eat. We waited for Chris and Leslie who were suppose to go to the hotel and change and then come back but they never showed up again. My buddy Thomas did show up and have a bite with us.

We were all invited to a party but I was spent, my feet were killing me and bleeding and I needed to get back to the hotel. Troy, Thomas, and Scott opted to party hop while Michael and I headed back to our hotel. It was about 10pm when I got back to the hotel and I took off my Hobbit feet to see all the sores and bruises caused by the feet... it's going to take a few weeks for my feet to fully heal.

Overall Saturday had some super highs (having hundreds of people take my photo) and super lows (not getting into the Guild panel), but over all it was another fun day at comic con.

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  1. Kenny! You should have told us! I'm sure we could have worked something out to get you in without the long wait. We had a whole block of seats near the front, but thought you were with the special guests.