Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Diego Coimc Con - Day 1 - Thursday

Got a decent night sleep last night, had fun at preview night and was looking forward to today. There were several panels that I wanted to see today. The One Ring dot net "The Hobbit", Dragon Age and Clone Wars Season Four. First one "The Hobbit" was set to start at 10am so I up and out the door around 8:30am so I could get to the con by 9am. While heading over I was getting tweets that folks were already lining up. As the panel after The Hobbit was the very popular Felicia Days' new webseries Dragon Age (which I always wanted to see). So when I go there I found my friend Dani a few people from the front but couldn't jump in line with her because of the barriers, as I continued to walk around the line I found several other friends Anne and Rachelle in line and they waved me over to join them. Three hobbit ladies were grumbling about line cutting but I didn't care I was getting in to both panels.

The One Ring dot Net is a great site for all things Lord of the Rings. It is a fan site so they presented all the information that they had gathered about the two Hobbit movies. It was a cool panel, though I think I already knew everything they announced as I frequently read their website. After that panel was Felicia Days' Dragon Age Redemption panel. George Ruiz moderated while actors Felicia Day and Doug Jones along with several game creators and crew were on the panel. They showed the trailer and unfortunately it was in black and white (tech issues), but we did get to see it again in all it's color glory. That panel was fun, Felicia Day is always a great speaker and she was in her element.

After that I had a few hours to kill so I headed down to the sales floor. My friend Chris arrived and we hooked up. We grabbed some lunch (pretzel dog) and headed out back to eat near the water. Once we were done there we both wanted to do a Star Wars panel, he wanted to so Star Wars The Old Republic and I wanted to do Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 4. Luckily they were back to back in room 6BCF. They line was huge so we decided to get in a few hours early and hopefully get in by the time his panel started. Well I didn't know 6BCF is a large room and they started to let folks in and soon enough we were inside for the Tekken Vs Street Fighter panel. It was a very bizarre panel, but folks seem to love it. I have never been into either of those games so I really didn't know what was going on. But an hour later Chris' Star Wars The Old Republic (Star Wars MMO) panel started and that was very enjoyable. Though I don't intend to play (crappy internet), I love Star Wars and it was fun seeing what they had come up with. Then it was time for the panel I was really looking forward to today... Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 4. Had a few of the producers but the person I was most excited to see and hear was the show runner himself Dave Filoni. He and George are the mastermind behind one of the coolest TV series currently on. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and each week I get a piece of this new epic story. They were there to talk about the upcoming Season 4, they showed six or seven clips and it all looked AMAZING.

Joining the guys on stage were Team Unicorn (Michele, Milynn, Clare and Rileah) dressed as Night Sisters.. they looked GREAT!!

After the panel I wanted to hang around to see if I could get a picture with the Unicorn girls as I know 3 of the 4 of them. As they came out they saw me and immediately came over to hug me. I asked for a pix and they were happy to do so. Then Ray Wise (Twin Peaks) came up and asked for a picture. Bonnie Burton was there and I got a picture with her, Kyle Newman (Director of Fanboys) was there and finally to my surprise Dave Filoni was there and I had saw him earlier on the show room floor and I wanted to say hi so bad but chicken out but this time I was determined to say hi and to thank him for The Clone Wars and I did just that. I think I stumbled on my words but he got the idea. I asked if I could get a picture and he said of course. Meeting Dave was a highlight of my 2011 comic con experience.

After that I was on cloud nine, Chris and I headed back to the floor met up with a few friends here and there but around 7pm we headed to a near by Ralphs as I needed to buy all the food and drinks for my Knights of the Guild live podcast bbq. But as we got closer to Ralphs Chris and I knew there would be no way of carrying all this stuff to the Guild townhouse where the party was happening. While we were walking we got a text from Andrew and Scott asking if we wanted to hook up for dinner. So we changed or plans Chris headed out to met up with Leslie and I headed to the Bristol Hotel for a New Media meet up. There I got to see so many "online" friends and even got to meet Angelique who I have talked to on Twitter forever but never met in person. Adam Levermore  was there and mentioned that a group of folks were going to go the Yard House for dinner. So we started to make our way there when we met up with Leslie, Chris and Leo. As we were talking by some hotel I noticed this very blue eyed boy smoking outfront, as I passed by he turned to look at our group and gave us a smile.. as we passed by him everyone looked around and said... wasn't that Elijah Wood.. Once at the Yard House there was going to be an hour wait so we opted to find another place. We also met Troy along the way. So now we were up to 13. We tried Hard Rock but they we no longer taking reservations so we ended up back on 5th at a place call Maloney's. There was no waiting which was great but the server was slow (might have been because of our large numbers). We grabbed two booths and enjoyed a good dinner and great company. Soon enough it was close to midnight and I needed to get back to my hotel to sleep as there was a lot do tomorrow.

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