Sunday, July 17, 2011

So Much To Do!!!

Here was my plan for Saturday:  Get my Jeep Smoged/registered and the tire fixed. Interview Kim and Sean for KOTG CompanionCasts, edit a portion of KOTG CC 501 and 502 and Edit KOTG #35. Also I'll try and sew buttons and hem my Hobbit pants and try and find a Hobbit wig.

Well this is what I actually got done. I finished Knights of the Guild episode #35, interviewed Kim Evey and Sean Becker for my KOTG CompanionCast and worked on stringing out episode 501 for the CompanionCast.  And that was all.. not nearly as much as I wanted to do but better then nothing.

So my Sunday plan was interviewing Felicia for KOTC CC, finished the 1st two KOTG CC 501 & 502. Finish KOTG #35 and finish MASH 4077 Podcast #13 and if I can't find a Hobbit wig I'll attempted to do that was well. Oh and I'll prepare for Comic Con.

And what I actually got done; worked on my Hobbit pants, sewed on buttons and hem (shortened) them. Found and tried to alter a wig, finished my next MASH 4077 Podcast episode 13, Interviewed Felicia Day for KOTG CC 501, 502, and 503. Added Felicia's audio to episode 501 of the CompanionCast (but didn't finish it).

So I got everything done with exception to getting my Jeep smogged and the tired changed. And finishing KOTG CompanionCast 501 & 502. And the wig I got is still not working the way I want.. still need to work on it.

I didn't get everything done as planned but I'm happy with the amount of work I did get done.

Two days to Comic Con and I still have so much to do.

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