Friday, July 22, 2011

San Diego Coimc Con - Day 2 - Friday - KOTG Live Podcast / BBQ

So Jenni and I have been wanting to do something for Knights of the Guild podcast at Comic Con, last year we attempted to rent a place to have a Guild trivia night but things didn't work out. This year our good friend Lydia offered us the Guildie Townhouse to do a live Knights of the Guild broadcast. We figured we might as well have a little party as well. So I set up the invite and went through my facebook friends and added those I thought would be interested. By the end there were over 100 guests and I knew this house would hold maybe 30 tops. We also got approached by a geeky band who wanted to play live music at this party. I knew it had gotten out of hand so I cancelled it. I still wanted to do the live podcast and have friends over so I sent out another invite and we wound up with about 30 people this time around.

So I had gotten to the Guild house earlier that day (read my previous blog) and dropped off all the food and drinks. The party started at 7pm and the live podcast started at 7:30pm. So Chris, Leslie, Michael and I got to the house around 6:30 to start to set up (well I did, the others sat on the patio and started the party early). Eva and Louis were already at the house and helped me set up things. 7 came and folks started to show up. Chris started the BBQ and folks kept coming. Soon we had over 50 people in the house, luckily it's a large house but I didn't know or invite 1/3 of the people, which upset me because I purchased the beer, drinks and food that everyone was eating. Anyways.. the party was hopping, we had Rock Band in the living room, BBQ out on the patio and live podcasting in the office. We had planned to start at 7:30 but my co-host Jenni was no where to be found. We also planned to do a video podcast but again due to technical issues we could only do an audio podcast and broadcast audio only. At 8 there was still no sign of Jenni so I enlisted the help of fellow podcaster Andrew of Podcast Squared and my brother Michael to co-host the show with me.

We first started with an interview with Vince (the only cast member to join us.. Thanks Vince) who plays Bladezz on the show. Then I interview extra Anne and then stunt woman/actress America Young when down the stairs came walking Jenni who was up stairs sleeping this entire time. As she sat down with David from Whedonopolis who came to our event to do an article for the website. I got a break to walk around and visit with folks. When Jenni was done she got up and went to play RockBand and I grabbed by buddy Thomas from Ireland and sat down to do a fan interview about CC with him. Soon after my friend Andrew joined us and took over as I went off to socialize a bit more. Once those guys were done I wrapped up the show, saved it and looked forward to posting next week. (which will never happen, will explain in SDCC Sunday blog).

So the podcast was over and the party was rocking. Folks seemed to be having a blast. The party was officially suppose to end at 10pm but actually went to 11pm by then folks started to leave and then around 11:30 Lydia and I shewed the remaining stragglers out.

Overall the Podcast didn't go as planned, there were a bit more party goers then planned but the food and drinks seemed to last and everything told me how much fun they had... so in the end the first Knights of the Guild Live Podcast / BBQ party was a success.

Check out more photos from the party HERE

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