Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Diego Comic Con - Pre-View Day

Comic Con - Pre-View Day

Woke up early today as I couldn't sleep. It's like Christmas for geeks.. The San Diego Comic Con is about to begin. I still had a ton of things to do before I headed down. I still needed to pack. I had gathered all my stuff together and put it in the dining room but still needed to go into the garage and get the suitcases. This year I was dressing up as well so I also had to make sure I grabbed all the parts to both of my costumes. I am also podcasting live from SDCC so I had to pack up my mobile recording unit. So there was still lots to pack up. I was up at 5:30am (as I said earlier, I couldn't sleep). So I started to pack and was finished around 9am. I then went out to my Jeep and cleaned it up. I also have a slow leaking tire that I have been wanting to get fixed for a week or so but my work schedule as prevented me from doing so. So I was going to switch out my full spare for that tire but couldn't get the nuts off the tire so I'll just have to deal with the slow leak, hopefully that won't case me any issues this week.

At 10am I was ready to head out, stopped first to put air in the tire and fill up my tank, then went to the store to pick up some snacks, water and such. By 10:30 I was on the road heading to Los Alomitos to pick up my friend Troy who was joining me at SDCC this year. Got to his place around 11:30, had to run an errand for him and then we headed down to San Diego Noon. Traffic wasn't bad, a few pockets of traffic but got here down here in just a few hours.

We went to the hotel but it was too early to check in but fortunately they had a parking space underneath so I was able to park my Jeep under the hotel and Troy and I headed to the Convention Center to pick up our passes. Our Hotel is about 2 miles from the Con so it's a nice walk. As we got closer to he con the excitement built. Every year I swear I'm not doing SDCC next year but when it's time to book a hotel or buy tickets I forgot all the craziness and do it.. Anyways on our way to the con we ran into my buddies Andrew and Scott who were eating lunch at a pub. We said hi and said we would be back once we got our passes.

We got to the convention center and it wasn't too bad.. sure there were thousands of people but the bulk had not yet arrived. We walked right in to the convention center and ten minutes later we had our passes and were ready to go. Once we had our passes we headed back to Andrew and Scott but before we got to them I had some woman off the street ask if she could get a picture of me. I wasn't dressed up or anything.. just wearing my Flash tshirt. It was very bizarre. Well we got back to Andrew and Scott and had a great lunch with those guys. Once we were done we said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel to check in.

We checked in and we got some great rooms with a beautiful view. We're on the top floor and on the outside looking over the water. After we checked in we took a quick break before heading back to the convention center for the start of preview night at 6pm. We got there around 6:30pm and headed to the Guild booth to say hi to the cast who were signing. Got to meet up with a few more Guildies, finally started to walk the floor with Troy and Thomas and got about 90% of it done before they started to close the hall at 9pm.

After they closed the hall most of the Guildies went to the Hammer Improv show, but Troy and I went to Cafe Diem to grab some dinner. I love Cafe Diem and try and eat there as much as I can. Once we were done eating we headed to the Omni for a Think Hero meet up but when we got there we didn't see any familiar face and we were tired so we decided to head back to the hotel room.

Got back to the room around 11:30pm and crashed.. I had blisters on both feet and soreness in very delicate parts of the body. Stayed awake another hour or so chatting with Troy before going to bed.

Gotta get up early for the first day of SDCC.

Pictures to follow!!

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