Friday, July 22, 2011

San Diego Coimc Con - Day 2 - Friday

Today I was up around 7am and out the door by 7:30am. I had to get my jeep and drive to Ralphs to buy all the food and drinks for tonight's Knights of the Guild live podcast / BBQ party. The trip was uneventful, got to Ralphs and got hot dogs, burgers, chips, soda, beer and such, spent a about $200. Drove over to The Guild townhouse and after some text/tweets/phone play got in and started to unload all the goodies. While at the townhouse I planned to met with Greg Aronowitz's who had my Hobbit ears and feet and Leslie who was going to cut and style my Hobbit hair around 10am. Today I was going to go in full costume as a Hobbit. I was extremely excited as I've been working on this outfit for months and it was all coming together finally. So I sat and waited, and waited, and waited until around 11 when my brother called me and said he was close by and asked what city SDCC was in. I told him San Diego but his online direction sent him to La Mesa. After setting him straight it took him another half hour until he made it to the townhouse to start his SDCC adventure. I had already heard from Leslie and she was running late helping other people and would be over soon. Noon rolled around and I have to admit I was getting very frustrated that no one had showed up. I was wasting my Friday sitting at the Guild townhouse. Around 1:30 I almost gave up and just went to con, but then both Greg and Leslie showed up about the same time and I got a good look at my Hobbit feet in person for the first time, they were pretty EPIC!!! He also brought my ears and glued them on. He left and Leslie went to work on make up and blending my ears in with the rest of my face. After that she went to work on the wig. Since I had my ears on and we didn't want to mess with them my brother got volunteered to put on the wig and have Leslie cut it. Half hour later she had it look 1000 times better then it did. It still isn't the best wig but she did wonders with it. I put on my Hobbit clothes and tried to put on my hobbit feet, with no success. It's now 2pm and half of my comic day is over.

We still had to take both cars (Michael's and mine) back to the hotel, get my feet on and get to con. We dropped off my Jeep at my hotel and then attempted to put on my Hobbit feet. After struggling 20 minutes I got my right one on, but a half hour later it was no use I couldn't get on my left one. Greg had mentioned that I should get a shoehorn but I didn't take his advice.. now I was regretting it. So around 3pm we went in search for a shoehorn and fifteen minutes and 3 stores later, we were successful. We took Michael's truck to the petco parking garage and once there it took a few minutes but I got my left foot on and my outfit was complete. I was hot, sweaty and uncomfortable but I was ready for comic con. We arrived at the convention center around 4pm. Six hours later then I expected.

Before I even got into the convention center I was having people asking to take picture of me. Inside Michael and I did a bit of walking around. This was Mikes first time and he was in awe of the largeness of it all. We did the floor for an hour or so but with my Hobbit feet I was afraid of having someone step on them so I opted to show him around the entire convention center. As we walked around I had 50 or 60 folks ask if they could take pictures and inquire about my Hobbit feet. We meet up with Chris and Leslie and the three of them hung back and listen as people would see me and say things like .. look it's a Hobbit or wow look at those feet, or yell out Hey Bilbo, or Hey Frodo. It was only about three hours but it was a blast having folks appreciate all the hard work that went into my costume. About 6:30 Chris, Leslie, Michael and I headed to the Guild townhouse but before that we stopped by a CVS which was interesting as folks inside who were not con goers checked me out in my full Hobbit garb. Will post another blog about The Knights of the Guild Live Podcast / BBQ event.

While the day started with frustrations it ended well as I now have a fantastic Hobbit costume.

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  1. You were such a cutie with your hobbit ears and feet!