Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hiking Vasquez Rocks

Today I took my friends Jeff and Adam (Bel-Rand), who is visiting from Sweden for a hike at Vasquez Rocks. Adam is a city boy and had never gone hiking in his entire life, yes he's only 22 but still.. to never have gone hiking!!! Well Jeff who is visiting from the East Coast came out last year and I took him to Vasquez and he really liked it so we had to take Adam.

Both Jeff and Adam didn't have hiking/climbing shoes so instead of climbing the "famous" peak we opted for the rather "not so steep" but just as nice hike on the other side. We hiked for about an hour, it was hot and there was a slight breeze in certain areas but it was a fun hike. Adam seemed to enjoy it. Adam isn't a Star Trek fan.. yet. So he didn't know the significance of Vasquez Rocks but still seem to appreciate the cool looking rocks.

After our hike we picked up Harry and went out to lunch at Islands, again seems to be a favorite of mine to take out of town guests.

So all in all a nice visit and I'm glad I got to hang out with Jeff and Adam one last time before they head back home.


  1. Thanks for hosting us, Kenny! Always fun to visit you out there without the hustle of the con. And it's nice that we were able to take Adam out for his first hike ever, despite our shoes. :)

  2. So sad I missed vasquez rocks :(