Sunday, July 31, 2011

KOTG CC Pick Up Interviews

Today I headed over the Kim Evey's house were several of the Guild cast were being interviewed for some DVD extras stuff. Since I wasn't able to interview everyone on set during the shooting of Season 5 I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down while they are waiting to be interview and interview them myself.

When I first got there Sean Becker was being interviewed by the DVD crew and Vince was just hanging out waiting for his turn so I grabbed and we needed to talk Episodes 11 & 12 as I had gotten everything else on set. Had a great conversation with him and then Sean Becker came out and podbombed us.. it was pretty funny.

Vince went in to do his DVD interviews and I sat down with Sean Becker to discuss episode 3, when none other then Miss Felicia Day came in and podbombed Sean's interview.. at first she just stood there staring at him while he talked and made him uncomfortable.. then they bantered back and forth.. great stuff.

After Sean I went in and watched Felicia being interviewed for the DVD. I had already talked to her about a few episodes so didn't need to interview her today. My next interview was Amy and that was a great interview, lots of cool info about Amy and her thoughts on Tink this season. And finally my last interview for the day was Robin and she's always a laugh.. it was a nice way to end the day.

Got lots of great audio clips for some upcoming KOTG CompanionCasts.. can't wait share them with you all. Remember new episodes are out every Friday following a new episode of The Guild

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