Saturday, August 6, 2011

One Week From Today

Wow.. one week from today Harry will be on a plane back to Austria. Never would have thought when I meet him eight + years ago that this would ever end, but it just goes to show you that you never know what your future holds. Though we've been broken up for months now it doesn't really feel like we have broken up. During those months we lived together, eaten together, watch TV together and hung out like we did when we were a couple. But as the day approaches of him actually leaving I'm feeling more emotional about it. And I guess that is to be expected. Not that I ever expected to get back together with him, but him leaving actually makes it real. I've come home everyday from work the past eight years and he's been there to greet me. But a week from today he won't be.

I'll be alone for the first time in eight years. Part of me can't wait for that, as I've always lived with someone, first my parents, then roommates. I did have a 10 month stay of living alone before meeting Harry. But part of me will be lonely, I don't like being alone. I'm going to be living in the middle of no where in a big house all by myself and that's going to take some getting use to. I'm sure I'll cry when we say goodbye, this past week I've cried on my way home from work just thinking about the whole situation. Not sure what my future holds, but I'm looking forward to taking that first step.


  1. Sending you a great big supportive hug Kenny.

  2. It isn't the same having friends in cyberspace, but remember that we are real people who truly care about how you are and how you feel. Feel however you want to feel about the situation-mad, sad, angry, just plain pissed off, lonely, whatever. There is light at the end of all that darkness when you get done working through it.You have friends (figuratively speaking) holding your hand as you traverse the tunnel-and then they'll still be holding your hand when you emerge into the light.
    from opus4me

  3. I've been there Kenny and I know how tough it can be. It ain't all pretty but, chin up. You can weather this (and much more). We're here for you. Give a call when you need.

  4. Oh Kenny. This seems so hard. I've had difficult break ups myself, but I can't even wrap my head around the length of time you have been with Harry. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. <3

    BUT. In typical Kenny fashion, you manage to put a positive spin on things in a way I'm not sure I'm capable of myself. I love that even though you're unsure of what fate may bring your way, you're looking forward to the journey. The road goes ever on and on. There's so much to enjoy about being a free agent and I don't mean that in the "you're single now PARTAY!" way. This will be a great time for you to check in with yourself and think about what you really want and to work hard on achieving your goals in life.

    I've been doing a bit of this myself since my last break up. It has its ups and downs, but I'm gonna steal a little of your optimism and raise my glass to the future! :)