Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What A Day!!!

Started off getting my Jeep smogged. The older the jeep gets the more worried I am that one day it won't pass smog. My tags expired at the end of July but because the DMV is so backed up the extended it for another month. But my jeep passed and I finished renewing my registration.

I got up early to get the smog so I was finished by 9am, which gave me an hour to get to work. I normally hit traffic but today it was sooo horrible. It started backing up at Nordoff and for those who don't know the 405 that's about 4 miles from where it normally does. It was hot and my jeep as no AC so I'm sweating, sitting in traffic and it was miserable. It's times like that when I ask myself, why do I work so far away from where I live. But even with the bad traffic I got to work around 10:20.

Lot's to do today.. well everyday now that the show are starting to finish up. And as soon as I sat down problems started to happen. One issue was an actual mistake that I made but luckily it wasn't too bad and was fixable. Around lunch I needed a break and walked to a local food court. While there I got a call asking why I wasn't on this weekly chat (every week each department jumps on a conference call and goes over their status). Well I never got the email informing me of this so that is why I wasn't on this call. I then got a call from "someone" and they started to yell at me, saying it wasn't their responsibility to make sure I'm on the calls... blah blah blah.. Don't  have a clue why they were attacking me but I didn't appreciate it and did everything in my power not to yell back. I too old to be yelled at. There is a way to talk to people and this wasn't the correct way. I'm on the verge of just walking, of course I would burn a few bridges but to be honest I don't care. Only thing that's keeping me here is loyalty to a few co-workers and if I quit I can't collect unemployment.

It's now 5pm and only have a few more hours left in the office but things seemed to have died down a bit. At least enough for me a breath and calm down from earlier events. So for now I'll stick it out.. only have another month and a half, but it's going to be a really hard and stressful month and a half... ugg!!

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  1. Dude. That's a really bad day. At least your jeep passed...it must be paid off or I bet you'd get something with A/C. Believe me, if you lived in Riverside, you'd never be without it. I am so sorry that someone unleashed their anger on you. That completely blows. I hope you went home from today and had some ice cream and watched something fun to take your mind off of it. Log on to Pottermore...that'll cheer you up right away! Look at your plane tickets for October! That should cheer you up too. :)