Sunday, September 11, 2011

Podcasting Weekend

It's seems like the majority of my weekends are filled with podcasting. I can't remember a weekend when I didn't work on one of my podcasts. Doing the weekly Knights of the Guild CompanionCasts take up so much of my free time. Before when I had just MASH 4077 Podcast & the regular Knights of the Guild podcast which both came out twice a month it wasn't that bad but I don't know how folks do weekly podcasts week after week. Luckily The Guild's new season only runs 12 episodes (12 weeks = 12 CompanionCasts). Normally I can handle the work load but since I'm towards the end of my MTV gig (only two weeks left) things are crazy. But I'll get through it like I always do. I've always said that once podcasting feels like job and is no longer fun I'll stop doing it... and though it does feel like a job at times I'm still having a blast doing it.

Still hoping all this hard work pays off with some sort of professional podcaster for my next gig. Just need to figure out how I can make enough money to live off podcasting.

Anyways this weekend I wanted to get four podcasts done. 1 MASH 4077 Podcast, 1 Confessions of a Fanboy, 1 Knights of the Guild "Regular" podcast and 1 Knights of the Guild CompanionCast.

So on Saturday I got started early, felt great was going to get a ton done today. Started with my MASH 4077 Podcast, worked on it for hours before taking a break. Continued to work on it for the next few hours and finally around 5pm I was done. It took me a bit longer then expected but I'm very happy with the results. After dinner I started the next KOTG CompanionCast. There are 14 interviews in this one and I have to edit each and every one of them. I got about half way through it before my eyes went cross and I have to call it a night.

So I didn't get done was much as I was hoping but I still had another entire day.

So on Sunday I got up and really struggled with motivating myself to finish editing the podcasts. I did mange to finish the rest of my KOTG CompanionCast and now that's ready to be released next Thursday. I took a break from podcasting and went to lunch at Boston Market, then Best Buy to pick up X-Men First Class and finally to Target. At Target I picked up some shirts, shorts and a hat but wound up putting it all back as I really didn't need them. Instead I bought what I actually went there to get a new toilet seat as the one in the guest bathroom has broken completely off. It was strange shopping by myself. Again this is something that Harry and I did together. Just reminded me that I was alone.

Got home and jumped back on the computer. I started to edited my next "regular" Knights of the Guild podcast as I wanted to release it on the 15th but realized since it's a major relaunch and I want to do it right and add a few more segments I pushed the release date to the 1st of October which gives me a few more week to get it done. So instead I took a break and put on my new toilet seat but found out that I don't have a standard toilet and the seat I purchased was too small.. oh well it will work for the timing being. After that  I sat down to watch the latest Doctor Who and had some dinner. This weeks Who had me bawling like a baby... so good. After that I went back editing podcasts, this time I worked on my Confessions of a Fanboy and actually finished it before I was too tired and had to go to bed.

So I didn't get everything done that I wanted too.. but it was a pretty productive weekend.

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