Friday, October 7, 2011

Harry Potter Vacation - Day Five

Well today is my final day on my Orlando Florida Vacation. It's been a FANTASTIC trip. Of course when I was booking everything it never dawned on my that I would need to be out of my hotel by 11am but my plane flight wasn't until 7pm. So I checked out of my hotel, left my luggage there and walked to Universal City Walk. figured I'd just walk around there and check out the shops. Well about fifteen minutes into my walk the skies opened up and the rain came down. I ran to a near by tree and was okay for a short time. I figured these rain falls only last ten or so minutes but then the wind picked up and the rain was going sideways and my dry spot was no longer dry and I got drenched. The rain would fall hard, then light and hard again. I knew if I stayed there I would be completely soaked and since I didn't have a hotel room wouldn't be able to do much about it. So I opted to run to the valet parking for Universal. They had a roof and it was only a few yards away. So the rain let up a bit and to booked it. Mind you my legs were already hurting from the walk but I didn't care. I ran as fast I as I could to reach shelter.

City walk in Florida is much like City Walk here in LA. It's open aired space so a few hundred of us stood under an awning waiting for the rain to let up. But as I said it lasted about 15 minutes and then it was over and the mob made it's way to it's destination. It was lunch time so I headed to the food court and made it inside just as it started to downpour again. I felt bad for those visiting the park as it is suppose to rain for the next seven days.

Talk about timing I couldn't have picked a better time to visit. I had rain for about 10 minutes yesterday but before that it was beautiful skies my entire vacation. The weather gods were kind of me on this trip. But now I'm in the food court having some lunch and watching people run from building to building as the rain would stop, then start again and stop once again. Lucky for me Burger King (which was in the food court) had free wifi.. really good and strong wifi so I was able to pull out my ipad and catch up on facebook and twitter. After the lunch the rain let up once again and I ventured out and walked around City Walk. Was going to try and catch a movie but all the timings didn't work as I need to head back to my hotel at 4pm as my shuttle was picking me up at 4:45 to take me back to the airport.

So I just walked around and ran into buildings as rain would start. That lasted about a half hour and then I went back to the food court and free wifi and pretty much sat there the rest of the day. And at 4pm I left. I wasn't sure if I was going to walk or take a taxi as the skies have been on and off all day but I took a chance and it paid off. I didn't get rained on and at 4:45 the shuttle picked me up and I was off to the airport.

Once again Virgin America was fantastic, checked in, checked my bag and it took two minutes. Only downside is you have to pay $25 per bag, but other then that I will use them whenever I can. Went through security with no real issues and was seated and waiting for my flight with an hour and a half wait. I meet a few other Harry Potter fans while I waited, they were actually on the same plane I was on when we flew in on Monday. Angel was the one really into Harry Potter and we chatted for an hour about the park and various other Potter things. Henry (husband/boyfriend) was a fan but not as much as Angel was so he didn't participate to much in the conversation. But it was a nice way to pass the time.

Got on the plan around 6:55 and we took off about 7:10. The flight home was alot more turbulence then the flight was coming to FL. And I did have a spell of claustrophobia towards the end and I'm not sure why but I really had to focus on my breathing and keep calm. We managed to land, I found my shuttle to the parking structure, got my jeep and drove home.. I'm extremely tired but glad to be home. I'll blog again about my whole experience tomorrow... night all.

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