Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kenny vs The Woodpecker - Round III

I heard a familiar tapping on the bedroom wall at 6:30 in the morning. I immediately knew what it was... my old nemesis was back.. the dreaded woodpecker. I had already gone two rounds with this bird and it's been a few months so I thought all was well.. nope. Round three is about to begin.

I've tried animal/bird repellent, I've tired hanging shiny things from there but it keeps coming back. I now have placed a large broom just outside my bedroom sliding doors and as soon I hear that little pecker I slowly get up and sneak out side in hopes of whacking it. Well my first attempt was pathetic, not even getting close to the bird as it flies off mocking (no it literally squawks at me as it flies away). My second attempt was a little better and I think I nicked it as it didn't sound happy as it flew away.

Normally when I spray the bird repellent that will keep it away for a day but now it only keeps it away for a half hour or so and then it's back pecking away making a huge hole in the side of my house. Going to go to Lowes and see if there is anything stronger I can use to get rid of it.. or I'm going to get a lucky shot and whack that thing to the ground.

I don't want to hurt it... but mister nice guy can only take so many holes in the side of my house before mister killer is released.

1 comment:

  1. Does it always go to the same place?

    Maybe you could set up a log there, and it would nest there and not in your house?

    Or maybe buy one of those hawk statues (or other predator bird) that you can place on the roof? =)