Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Other then my continued battle with my nemesis woodpecker it has been a fairly lazy weekend. Though I had a ton of podcasting that I should have done I just didn't feel motivated to do any of it. Instead I watched a lot of backed logged TV that I had recorded during my vacation. It was kind of nice not doing anything but then again it only makes it worse because I still have to get these podcasts done in a timely manner.

I did manage to motivate myself a but today and do about five hours of research for my new Alien Nation Podcast that I'll be recording with my brother next month. But doing that research made me want to re-watch the series because I love it so much. I'm extremely excited to get started on this new podcast.

But like I said I did watch quite a bit of TV. Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, Modern Family, Raising Hope, House Hunters International, Property Ladder, Little Couple, Little People Big World and a few others. Sometimes you just have to relax and do nothing.

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