Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving Abroad??

Now that I'm single, in my early 40's and currently trying to re-focus my life (job wise) I am seriously thinking about moving abroad. I was born and raised in Southern California. I've never lived anywhere else. And ever since I met Harry we always said if things didn't work out here in the US for him we could move to Europe and I always said if we did that I would want to live in England because they speak English and I just love the whole British culture. Of course things between Harry and I didn't work out but the thought of living in England has never left me.

Living in England has been at the forefront of my mind these days. I need a change, a big change and moving to England might be it. I've never been aboard and I know it's not exactly like it appears in movies and TV but I am planning a trip to England/Ireland in May of 2012 so I'll get to see what it's like over there. I can't really think about moving until the house is sold here and I can't put it on the market until September 2012 so this move wouldn't happen for at least a year. But with that said I have a ton of toys/collectibles that I would need to sell along with furniture and other household things.

I don't know where in England I would want to live. I would definitely need to do my research, look into getting a work visa, housing, jobs.. lots of pre-planning. And who knows a year is a long ways off and so many things could happen between now and then. It's just something that was on my mind that I wanted to share it with my blog readers... stay tuned!!


  1. I know how ya feel about wanting to relocate. Its been something I have thought about myself for a while now. After having to deal with my mother's death 10 years ago, and more recently my father's mental condition deteriorating due to Alzheimer's...and my being, for lack of a better term, kicked out of the family, moving away seems like a great way for a fresh start. Hit me up on FB sometime and we can chat about it!!

  2. Wow, Kenny! That'd be one heck of a change in scenery! I'm sure some of the Guildies from the UK can give you some pointers and such. Coincidentally, I've been seeing someone who's originally from Scotland. Planning that trip in May is a very good idea. I think that instead of staying in a hotel or something maybe stay in a home to get a better idea of life there as a local. Maybe check airbnb (Lydia told me about it) for some ideas. This would be huge adventure if it pans out! :)

  3. You've never lived anywhere else besides California?

    Great thing about Southern England is that it's comparatively small, so you can take the train from London to anywhere in 2-4 hours. And you can get relatively cheap flights to everywhere in Europe from there.

    Hope to see you in London in May=)

  4. I guess it's worth playing with the idea. I don't know a lot about Great Britain, I was there 3 times for 3 weeks each (79 to 82) for language improvement when I was in my late teens (I stayed with native families). And for a weekend in the mid 80's (I have to admit I loved to be in and around London that time, cause I loved the 80's in GB).

    I'd say, check it out next year, you'll see how you like it. It'll be definitely different than CA.

  5. As someone who has picked up and moved across the country, I can say it has it's pros and cons. Please do a lot of research, many things you take for granted may not be there or be changed. And expenses are always more than you think they are. I'd say the main thing would be to procure a job first and then housing; most everything else can come after. We love England and would jump at the chance to live there, so don't be suprised if you get a sudden rush of visitors!