Saturday, October 15, 2011

Planning My 3rd Tattoo

So I'm planning on getting my 3rd tattoo in the coming weeks. It will be Lord of the Rings "One Ring to Rule Them All..." saying in Elvish script.

My original plan was to wrap that saying around my upper right arm but I have an issue with that now..  it's a pretty long saying and to wrap it around my arm on a single line would mean the lettering would have to be super small. I could do double line (like it's picture above) and the letter would be bigger but I'm not sure I like that since it's just one single line wrapped inside of a ring.

Also since I dressed up as a Hobbit for SDCC and Hobbits being my favorite characters from the books I wanted to get a set of Hobbit feet tattooed below the Elvish script and I'm not sure how cool that would look to the a double line of script wrapped around my arm with these floating Hobbit feet under it.

But I came across this cool picture of the Elvish script in a circle, single line that I really like and I thought maybe I could put a set of Hobbit feet in the middle.

I'm actually leaning more towards that design now.. just need to find the right drawing of Hobbit feet.

What do you guys think? Which version of the tattoo do you like better?


  1. Definitely the latter one IMO, could be really cool!

  2. I agree with Bel-Rand. The latter looks awesome and I think the feet would go best with that design!

  3. I think the second one looks better!

  4. I think the consensus is the circle design.