Thursday, October 6, 2011

Harry Potter Vacation - Day Four

Got up at 7am again. This is my last day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I want to be there from opening to close. Also today as part of my vacation package I get one free breakfast at The Three Broomsticks. I wish I would have known that the breakfast was so good I would have gone every morning.

After breakfast I started my new challenge of getting a pictures of me standing in front of every shop, by asking a stranger/employee to take it for me. Well I got about 2/3rds of them done so I'm not completely disappointed in myself.

I did breakfast, lunch and dinner at The Three Broomsticks. Dinner was kind of like a farewell dinner. I got to sit in one of the very few but very cool booths and I gave a farewell toast to WWofHP (you'll see the pic when I post them up on Facebook). Also I stuck with my quota of 3 ButterBeers per day.

About 5pm it rained for about 15 minutes... At first it was light and folks continued to enjoy the park then it down poured and folks scattered for cover.. It was pretty funny.

I also rode Fight of the Hippogrift and The Dragon Challenge one last time and did Ollivanders one last time as well. What I love about Ollivanders is I did it 3 times and each time I got a different wizard, with the last being my favorite. He really interacted with people, and got many laughs.

Did my daily walk around Islands of Adventures and this time The Spiderman ride was open so I got in line. It was a fun ride, 3d animation and practical effects combined to make a really enjoyable ride. And of course I did my 20 minutes viewing of folks getting drenched on that rafting ride.

Oh forgot to mention that I did ride The Forbidden Journey six times today (it was also the last ride I did before my farewell dinner). I really like the "single" rider line. Didn't wait more then 15 minutes to get that ride each time. I also bought more goodies.. Got a really cool Potter hat, a quill pin, and a bludger bat and ball to go along with my quaffle I have at home. Had to resist buying so many more things. I also bought some Honeydukes chocolate and caramel swirl fudge.

I sent out many WWofHP postcards to those who responded to my tweet/Facebook. I even purchased a few more that I plan to send out in the next few days.

Before my dinner I did one more walk through the park and kind of just took it all in. Stood there for like ten minutes and didn't move. I just stared out all the Potter goodness and drank it in. I said my goodbyes and then went to dinner. I got done with dinner around 6:58, which meant I was able to go around one last time and take pictures of the shops and this time they had their lights on as it was starting to get dark. This got me thinking, I wonder what this place looks like at night. Got a little taste tonight, but it was still way to light outside to get the full effect. Next time I visit it will need to be during their night hours.

Anyways... It was another FANTASTIC day hanging out at Hogwarts & Hogsmeade. I was sad to say goodbye but I know it's more of a see you later as I know 100% that I'll be back soon.

Tomorrow I plan to hang out at Citywalk until my ride for the airport arrives at 4:45pm for my flight at 7pm and I'll be back in LA by 9pm.

Pictures Below:

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Happiest Place on Earth!!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Various Other Hogsmeade Stores

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Owlery & Owl Post

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogwarts Performers

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Flight of the Hippogrift

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Dervish and Banges

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Dragon Challenge

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Three Broomsticks & Hogs Head

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Zonkos Joke Shop

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Honeydukes

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Ollivanders

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogwarts Express

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogwarts Castle

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade


  1. well it is nice that you had your self another wanderful day

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog and taking a virtual vacation with you.