Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving / Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon Day 1

Today started early.. got up around 6:30am, was just too excited to sleep. I think I finally got out of bed around 8am and both Jes and Chris were just getting up. We finished up things around the house. Chris ran to the store to pick up some last minute supplies. Once he was back he and Jes started to make deviled eggs while I cleaned up a bit. Chris and I then moved my big TV to the dining room and proceeded to set up my surround sound (which I normally don't have hooked up). We relaxed a bit and around 10:30am Chris and I started to prep the Turkey. It was a 23 pounder, largest turkey that I have ever cooked. It must have been pretty funny for Jes watching Chris and I butter the turkey and prepare it, we make a good team. But by 11am it was ready to go and into the oven it went for five hours.

At this time Aaron, Anthony and Ashphord showed up then Leslie, Nicki and Anne. It was now noon and folks were pretty much just chatting, snacking and we decided to watch Elf. After the movie, Leo showed up with his bocce ball set and the guys wanted to go out and play so the ladies stayed inside and watched Never Been Kiss. More guests arrived Luis, Scott and Jen.

So our party was up to 13 - Me, Chris, Scott, Leslie, Jen, Jes, Anne, Nicki, Aaron, Anthony, Ashphord, Leo and Luis.

Once the movie and bocce ball or as I like to call it extreme bocce ball games were over everyone headed in as it was time for dinner (4pm).

I had come in a little earlier to finish prepping all the side for dinner. Folks brought cranberry sauce, mash potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, and at the request of Chris I made mac and cheese and Ashphord made collard greens. Chris and I carved the turkey and dinner was ready.

Everyone grabbed a plate and attacked the food. As we started our dinner we started to watch Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Rings Extended Edition. Chris started a drinking game and every time we heard "Ring" or "Precious" we had to drink. (he later came to regret starting this game :) ) At the halfway point (these movies are on two discs) we took about a half hour break and checked out the stars on my back porch.

Once we finished FOTR my buddy Chris had brought his beer pong table and set it up to play some games. I actually played my first ever game of beer pong and beat my friend Chris... it was pretty fun.  We took lots of fun pictures (some that will never see the light of day), we started a massage train, did shots, laughed alot, watched Chris walk around in his crushed velvet royal purple blanket... good times were had. Around midnight/1am we called it a night.. I think between drinking all day and the food coma we couldn't keep our eyes open.

So the first day has come to an end. It was pretty awesome. I wanted to give those who didn't have family to celebrate Thanksgiving with a family (of friends) to celebrate with and I think it was a success. I got drunk and had a blast... Fellowship of the Rings is my favorite of the 3 movies so that made it even more special and my friend Jes made actual Lembas bread with fabricated leaves.. these were EPIC!!!

But for me the best part of the day and this weekend is spending time with the people I care about most. This group of friends is unlike any other group of friends that I have every had. And I am so Thankful for each and everyone of them.

You can check out more pictures HERE

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