Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving / Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon Day 2

Once again like yesterday I woke up early and surprising not too hung over from the night before. I got up around 8ish and folks were still sleeping. I took a shower and by the time I got ready most of the folk were up and about. I made breakfast for everyone, eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage and oj. While we ate breakfast we watched Galaxy Quest (several in our party had not seen it) and it's become a movie marathon tradition. After the movie and breakfast Leslie had to take off leaving us with 12 party goers.

After the movie everyone got in a quick game of extreme bocce ball. Leo was not feeling so hot so he left leaving us with 11 folks - Me, Jes, Chris, Scott, Aaron, Anthony, Ashphord, Luis, Anne, Nicki and Jen.

We finally sat down to start Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Extended Edition. Again we did the drinking game but since it was early and most of use didn't want to start drinking until later, we would just all yell out "Ring" or "Precious" and not really drink or drink soda or water. At the halfway point we took a break to prepare lunch (BBQ). Jen and Chris headed out to pick up some supplies. Jes BBQ burgers and hot dogs. During this time two more joined us Jennifer and her husband Matthew. I showed them around the house as folks ate lunch. Jen and Chris returned from "shopping" and Chris had a surprise for me. He purchased a set of bocce balls for me. So we now have our own set that we can play anytime.

We started back with The Two Towers second disc. Once that was done we took a break and folks started drinking again. When we started Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Extended Edition the drinking game was back on. Again like before this movie is on two disc so when disc one was over we stopped and took a breather before starting up disc two.

Return of the King finished around 9:30pm and our Lord of the Rings movie marathon was over.. but the party was far from it. We said our good byes to Jen, Anne, Nicki, Jennifer and Matthew. Leaving 7 to party on - Me, Scott, Chris, Ashphord, Anthony, Jes and Luis.

Now the drinking games began. We first did a few round of beer pong, we played teams and it was a blast but at this time it was 11pm and even though I live in a more secluded area I still have neighbors so we moved the party inside and started to play quarters. Well that quickly became a disaster as quarter were flying everyone and I think we started with 14 quarters and ended up with four or five. I'm sure as I cleaning I'm going to be finding those missing quarters. So in the end Chris mentioned a drinking card game called Asshole. And from about midnight to 3am we played Asshole and had a blast. Scott had left about halfway through the games so that left six of use but we played and played until none of us could keep our eyes open. I think Ashphord actually passed out about a half hour before we finished playing.

So the second day comes to an end. Once again I was nice and drunk. Got to play lots of fun games. Got to finally hang out with Jennifer and her husband Matthew. Watched several great movies. Made some very cool memories that I will never forget. Got even closer to this group of people that I just adore and love to dead.. couldn't have asked for a better two days.. and the best thing is we still have one more to go.

You can check out more pictures HERE

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