Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Death, Christmas & Friends

Woke up this morning to some very sad news. Harry Morgan who is best known for his role as Colonel Potter on MASH died at the age of 96 today. Potter is and will always be my favorite MASH character and his death really hit me hard. Can't be sad though as he had a very successful and wonderful life. I'll be doing a special tribute episode of my MASH podcast for him in the next week or so.

Got three more DVD screeners, Kung Fu Panda 2 (which I really wanted to see so I'm happy I got it), Puss in Boots (Another movie I really wanted to see in the theater but never did) and Decedents (which I never heard of but found out it's a George Clooney flick).

I finished one of my homemade Christmas gifts. I made nine of them and really wish I made more but I guess they are very special gifts and they should only be given to those really close to me. I'm very happy with them, every time I make them I tweak them just a bit and I think I finally have them exactly how I want them... I'll talk about them more after Christmas as many of my friends read my blog and some of those will be getting this gift, which I will call "The Box".

Got to talk to my good buddy Thomas from Ireland. It's been a while since we chatted and I got to spend a good half-hour chatting with him. He's one person I'm looking forward to hanging out with when I go on my trip to England/Ireland in May.

And to end my night I got to hang out with my buddy Will. We grabbed some dinner at Pitfire and then headed back to his place to watch a movie. I had brought all my screeners and he choose Super 8. I had seen it in the theater but was happy to see it again and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it the first time but I really enjoyed it the second time. After the movie he showed me this new game Skyrim. I've heard so much about it and since I don't play I don't know much about it. I created a character and played for about 30 minutes before realizing it was already after 1am. By the way I suck at playing. I had a hard time moving my head and walk/running at the same time. Will said you get use to it but it was pretty comical watching me play the same. I did enjoy creating my character, I was amazed at how detailed you can make your character.

Drove home and ended my night like I do most nights with an episode of The Simpson and finally went to bed around 3am.

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