Friday, December 9, 2011

War Horse - Review

Today my buddy Andrew and I went out to lunch and then came back to my house to watch War Horse. This movie doesn't come out until Christmas Day. So it's kind of nice to get a sneak preview of it.

So before I saw this movie all I knew is that it was directed by Steven Spielberg and I did see a preview with Immortals and it look pretty good.

I was expecting this hard core war movie and since Spielberg was directing it, I thought it was going to be incrediable. Well it's a good movie, beautifully shot, directed and acted. The story is super light. Lots of war and killing going on but no blood, it's definately PG. It's sad at times but from what folks were telling me I was expecting to be balling. I did cry a few times but nothing like I thought I would. I love the idea of following the war through the eyes of a horse. You get to see the British side of things, then the innocent side and finally the German side. It bugged me that everyone spoke English (but I understand why they did that).. and come to find out that this movie is based on a British children's novel, which makes so much sense. I'm glad I saw it and I think if I watch it again I will enjoy it even more since I know where the source material comes from.

I give War Horse a 7 out of 10.

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