Friday, March 9, 2012

Jurassic Park Movie Weekend Begins Early

These early Friday arrivals started off with my friend Jes who drove down from the San Francisco area but they have become an extra day of AWESOME. Today I had the most pre-guests then I've ever had before. It stated with my best bud Robert arriving around 3ish. He needed to go to the post office so I drove him to the Santa Clarita station. After that I was hungry so we headed to Taco Bell to pick up a quick bite to eat. When we got back to my place my buddy Rupert was already inside my house (he remembered where my spare key was).  So the three of us shared in our Taco Bell yummies before playing a few games of Yahtzee. As we were listening to music the three of us started dancing. Loopin (Rupert) was trying to teach Rob and I some moves. Rob picked them up pretty good.. me on the other hand not so much.

My best bud Chris soon arrived with steaks and wine and we got the party started. Chris is a master chief when it comes to grilling steaks. So he grilled up some steaks while I poured us some wine. An hour later our bellies were full and we were feeling great.

Next to arrive were Aaron and Dallas who joined in the fun as we all did a shot of Rumple Minze, which is this extremely yummy peppermint schnapps. We didn't really play any games or watch TV we just sat around and chatted.. it was pretty great.

Jen was next to arrived followed closely by Anthony and Jennifer C. We were only waiting on two more people but they were arriving after midnight.  I was feeling great (in other words, drunk) and finally got a "present" I have been wanting for while now and then it kind of got out of hand and soon everyone was giving me "presents" and it was AWESOME!!

One weird thing happened, Chris was drinking his wine when he bit down on the glass and broke it off in his mouth. He didn't cut himself but he did chip a tooth.

Jennifer had brought some games so many of the folks sat down to play a new game called 7 Wonders. I was way to drunk to play so I sat around watching and chatting with Robert (who was also not playing). BTW. drunk Chris and Jennifer tied for the win. Jen was the biggest loser :)

Around 12:30am our final two guests arrived, Jes and Olivia and this completed my early arrivals. Robert and I were exhausted so we went to bed at 1am while the others stayed awake another half hour before calling it a night.

I have to say this will be a night to remember, great friends, great food and great "presents" :)

Thanks to Robert, Rupert, Chris, Aaron, Dallas, Jen, Anthony, Jennifer, Jes and Olivia for making this kickoff of the Jurassic Park movie marathon the best yet!!!

Check out more pictures HERE


  1. I can only guess what those "presents" were! Glad you had a good time :)

    1. Well they were very warm presents.. some were softer then others but all great. :) Wish you were here.

    2. Yeah, me too.