Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jurassic Park Movie Marathon Day One

The 11 folks who stayed the night last night got up fairly early 8am and began making our Jurassic breakfast. Olivia had brought some dinosaur cookie cutters so Chris made dino shaped biscuits for our biscuits and gravy.

After breakfast a group of us went out to play Extreme Bocce Ball (a weekend tradition). I played for about an hour before going inside to prep for the party. With some help we moved all my furniture around and got ready for the screening. I went to help Jes who was making these really cool looking hard boiled eggs, they looked dino eggs. I also brought out all the snacks and veggie platters. Speaking of veggie platter, Chris made me eat a piece of raw broccoli. I actually gagged a few time before chewing it and getting it down. It wasn't so much the taste as it we the texture.

Our first guests of the day arrived Kevin and Doug Rusley, but Doug just started working at Magic Mountain so he had to leave for a few hours. Robert didn't sleep so well the night before so he went into my room to take a nap. Jes was finishing up her lunch, this really yummy pulled beef sandwiches. Jen hooked up her Rock Band but only had a mic and drum set so we played with that for a while, Robert heard the music and couldn't help but join in on the fun.

One o'clock came and Kim arrived just in time for lunch and the beginning of our first movie Jurassic Park part 1. About a half hour into the movie Will arrived, then Jennifer and Matt.

There was a great moment when the young girl is eating Jello and sees a Velocaraptor  and starts shaking. Well Chris had this great idea and made a huge amount of green jello so we could re-enact it when it happened on screen and we did just that.. it was pretty EPIC!!!!

After the first movie we took a break. While on this break I went outside and Kim asked if my outdoor fireplace worked. I said yes but I had never used it in the 2 1/2 years that I've been here. She asked if we had wood and I did have several large trunk pieces but they needed to be cut down, but I told her it was hard and a workout but she said she was up for the challenge. Somehow poor Robert got pulled into trying to cut some wood as well. So Kim and Robert both tried to cut down these trunks and though they did manage to get some chucks off it was just too much effort so I told her we'd just go buy some wood when we went out to get dinner.

We headed back in as they had started Jurassic Park part 2. This time the chatter around the room was loud and you could barely hear the movie :( Once that was over we took another break and my new best bud Robert and I staged a play fight (which was later turned into a gif that can see here ) I ordered some pizza for dinner so Chris, Aaron, Robert and I headed out to pick it up. While we were out we also got some firewood and Chris picked up some coconut rum. We got back with dinner and the drinks were flowing. Chris set up a round of coconut rum shots and I have so say it was very tasty. While we enjoyed our pizza dinner we started Jurassic Park III.

Once the movie was over Jennifer and Matt L had to call it a night and said their final goodbyes to Chris. The party then moved out back where Kim was starting a fire in my outdoor fireplace. She's a pro and had it going in no time. We then gathered around the fire and started a "In Never" drinking game. Learned loads of new things about my friends but like last time never remember it all (need to take notes next time :) Like yesterday with Chris and his wine glass there was an incident tonight. First let me explain that I haven't worked on my back deck since I bought the house and there is a set of stairs that were slowly falling apart. And tonight there was just one to many steps taking on those broken stairs and down went poor Dallas. He was alright but the stairs complete crumbled under him. I was so drunk and felt horrible.. just glad he didn't hurt himself.

Normally our parties go to about 3am but not this time.. around 1am folks were getting tired and Robert, Will and I called it a night and crashed in my room.. soon after everyone was sleeping.

This was a fun day... 3 enjoyable movies (though part 1 is my favorite followed by 3 then 2), learned some intimate details about my friends, got to spend some awesome time with my best bud Chris (who's leaving us soon :( ) and got to know my other best bud Robert a little bit better. Good times all around and this weekend is only half over.

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