Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Day of Awesome

After one of the best days spent at Disneyland with Chris, Jen and Robert. Chris and I had lots of awesome planned for today. So even though we got home around 1:30am we were both up around 7:30 and made some biscuits and gravys for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed out to Hollywood were we first had to pick up some tickets from my friend Tony for the Once Upon A Time Paleyfest panel today at 1pm. My buddy live on Beachwood wish is the street that if standing your on it.. it gives you the best view of the Hollywood sign. Chris mentioned that he had never really seen the sign so this was perfect. After we got the ticket we found a spot where I could get a picture of him standing in front of the Hollywood sign.

We then headed out to Beverly Hills where the event was taking place. It didn't start until 1pm but doors opened at noon and the was a general seating so you had to get there fairly early to get a decent seat. We arrived around 11:30 and there was already a huge line and it was so hot standing there we were happy when they finally opened the doors just after noon.

We entered the theater and it was packed, but we did manage to find some seats in the center section about 10 rows from the front. Both Chris and I were very happy with the seats. The show got started and the two executive producers came out and informed us that we would be seeing tonight's episode now and then in addition we'd see the first 10 minutes of next weeks episode. It was great seeing an episode of one of my favorite TV series on the big screen and it was a fantastic episode and the first 10 minutes of next weeks episode was great. After the screening the moderator came out and introduced the guests Edward Kitsis, Creator/Executive Producer, Adam Horowitz, Creator/Executive Producer, Steve Pearlman, Executive Producer,   Ginnifer Goodwin, “Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White”, Jennifer Morrison, “Emma Swan”, Robert Carlyle, “Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin”, Lana Parrilla, “Regina Mills / Evil Queen”, Josh Dallas, “David Nolan / Prince Charming” and Raphael Sbarge, “Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket” The panel was FANTASTIC.. entertaining, funny, informative and a few spoilers. One the panel was over hundreds of people rushed the stage where the cast was sticking around signing autographs. I asked Chris if he was up for battle the crowds to see if we could get any but we agreed that it wasn't worth it so we headed out back to the car.

After the panel we headed to a local and well known Mexican restaurant El Coyote in Hollywood. We had some extremely yummy Mexican food.. Chris was adventurous and went with Ostrich enchiladas and I went with something safe, cheese enchilada and chicken tamale.

After dinner we headed back to my place and then went for a hike at Vasquez Rocks. We actually had a great hike but had to cut it short because it was near sunset and the park closes then.. and as we were heading back we could hear the authorities saying that the park is closed and when we got back to the car we were the second to last car there.

Once we got back to my place it was around 7pm and Chris packed up his stuff and said his goodbyes.

This was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend. It started Friday with Steak and Wine, then Saturday at Disneyland and finally Sunday which was full of awesome.. wish all my weekends were this epic. Thanks to Jen, Robert and especially Chris who spent the entire 3 days hanging with me. Can't wait for next weekend.

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  1. Hi Kenny. My name is Brett Paesel and I write for the Larchmont Buzz. I'd love to use your picture of the quidditch games last year. I'm writing a bit about the games coming up this weekend. We don't pay but we'd be happy to credit you. I can be reached at Thanks!