Saturday, March 3, 2012

Best Disneyland Visit Ever!!!

Got up early around 7am, felt pretty good after a night of wine. Both Chris and I were feeling great but hungry so we headed off to Denny's for some yummy breakfast.  We left Denny's around 8:30am and headed down to Disneyland. The drive was pretty uneventful until my buddy Robert texted me and said he had gotten to Disneyland early and it's been evacuated due to some sort of bomb threat and they weren't sure when it would re-open.

We finally got to Disneyland around 10am and sure enough as we went to park the parking attendant informed us that the park was indeed closed and it was unknown if or when they were going to re-open. The did offer free parking but that didn't matter since I have a premium pass. Also the trams were not running so Chris and I decided to walk over to Downtown Disney to meet up with Robert.

Downtown Disney was packed as you can imagine everyone was just waiting around for the parks to open. Rumors were going around the park was expected to be close for 4 to 5 hours. Chris, Robert and I went over to AMC to see what movies were play. We figured we could kill some time there. During this time I got some texts from the fourth in our Quartet, Jen. She actually lives close and walked to the park but was on the other side and there was no way of getting to us at Downtown Disney unless she walked around the entire park.  So she opted to do that so we wanted to wait until she was with us before going to the movies so we decided to walk around a bit. We went to the Lego store and then went in a little closer to the park entrance and there were hundreds and hundreds of people so we decided to turn around and go back to AMC to wait for Jen when we suddenly heard cheering.. they have opened the park and folks started making their way in. We contacted Jen and she was almost to the entrance to Downtown Disney so Chris went back to get her. She also mentioned to me a side walkway that wasn't crowded so Robert and I made our way over there and manage to miss a large group of the masses. About a half hour later we made it into the park and headed over to the lockers to wait for Chris and Jen. About ten minutes after that Chris and Jen were in, we put our stuff in the locker and made our way to the front gates of Disneyland.. it was now 11am so we only lost an hour.

As always when we first got into the park we headed to Star Tour to get a fast pass, but the line was so short that we quickly got in line for the ride itself. After Star Tours we walked over to Indiana Jones ride and had a blast. Both Robert and Chris had never rode the Jungle Cruise so of course we had to do that next. Then we did the Tarzan Tree House which again several of the guys never went up. After the tree house the one ride that Chris wanted to be sure to ride was Pirates of the Caribbean so we did that next. It was kind of funny because Chris has no idea what this ride was like and I said it was this nice little boat ride and he was off guard when we hit the first fall and then all the cool stuff after that.. he really enjoyed it.

After Pirates we were hungry and of course we had to go the Little Red Wagon to get a Corn Dog. Both Jen and Robert had never had one from Disneyland. I'd say it was a success and everyone enjoyed their corn dogs.

We then headed over to Space Mountain to get a fast pass before making our way to Splash Mountain. It was hot.. really hot but it took so long for us to get on the ride that it started to cool down before we even rode it. Of course I got soaked on the ride but even worse then me was Robert who was sitting in front of me. I think he was the wettest of everyone in our boat... we decided to dry off by running around Tom Sawyer's Island.. again Robert and Chris had never been on the island. I have to say this was some of my favorite memories.. from Chris acting a big kid and running all over the place and climbing on things to Jen yelling Vagina Balls into those long communication tubes. We all had so much fun acting like big kids (which we all are). After the Island we went and grabbed some pretzels before getting in line for Big Thunder Mountain. Jen and Chris sat together while Robert and I sat behind them. Jen is so tiny that Chris held on tight so make sure she didn't fall out of the car. Robert and I kept sliding into each other on turns.. it was a blast. After Big Thunder Mountain we took a break to recharge my cell phone and rest our weary feet but the table we needed to sit at for access to the power plug was occupied so we just sat at the next table and rested for a bit.

Once rested we went over to Space Mountain to use our fast pass and rode that. Again had a great time.When we were done with Space Mountain I wanted to get a group Star Wars pictures. They have one of those places were they take a picture of you and super impose it over a Star Wars actor. So we found several that had four people, one for each of us and we picked our favorite. Since we had a girl there was one picture of four Jedi (3 males and 1 female) with lightsabers and standing behind Yoda.. so that is the one we choose. Chris went first and was Obi Wan, Jen went second and then me and finally Robert. Robert mentioned that he was a Darth Vader fan so he got a separate one of him with Darth Vader. Both pictures were excellent so we purchased them both.

After the picture we were going to use our fast pass on Star Tours but realized what time it was and that we needed to get over to Disney's California Adventures before it closed. Once there we headed over to Soarin' to get a fast pass but they were all gone.. we then went over to Tower to Terror to get a fast pass but those too were gone so we headed over to ElecTRONica as several in the party wanted to get a "beverage" I didn't feel like drinking so I went over and saved us some seats. Soon Robert, Jen and Chris joined me with their glowing drinks. We chatted for a bit and then headed into Flynn's Arcade to play some games. Robert and I started with air hockey, I then played some pinball before meeting up with everyone else and playing the four person game of Gauntlet.. that was some of the best gaming I've done.. the game was a blast but it was the group of people all working together, yelling and screaming... it was as if we were the only people in that arcade.. good times.

After Flynn's we headed over to Goofy's Flight School and had a blast on that ride.. for something so simple it's always so much fun. We then got another Corn Dog from the Corn Dog Castle but this time we went with a hotlink corn dogs and I have to say though it was super yummy but man was it hot and after a few bites my mouth was on fire.

By this time DCA was closing so we headed back to Disneyland to use our fast pass for Star Tours, once we got off the line was short so we did it again and our very own Robert was the Rebel Spy this time around.  We then headed over to The Hunted Mansion and finally rode Pirates again before calling it a night around midnight.

I have to say this was one of my most favorite times at Disneyland. And of course it was because I was with three INCREDIBLY AWESOME friends. Some of my favorite moments weren't even the rides themselves but the conversations the four of us had. That's one thing I love about Chris, Robert and Jen is how comfortable we are with each other. We may be fairly new friends (under a year) but sometimes you find that person who you just click with as if you've known them your entire life. These are those friends. I couldn't have asked for a better group to go with. I learned some interesting terms from both Chris and Robert that I had never heard of before.. like Dutch Rudder and the Double Dutch Rudder, which is assisted masturbation, without touching the person penis.

Chris is my best bud in the world, he and I just instantly bonded while on set of The Guild and our friendship has just grown stronger. Besides being a sweetheart and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.. he's just plain and simply cool and make you feel awesome when you're around him.

Jen is fantastic, she's more like one of the guys and man some of our conversations that we've had in the past have been EPIC.. if I was straight she would be my ideal girl. Smart, pretty and just incredible to be around.

Now Robert (he's the newest to our group) and I just adore him. He's very loving and warm and makes you feel like you are one of the most important people in the world (and sometimes you just need that). He's another one that I just instantly bonded with when we first met and I know will be friends the rest of our lives.

These are the friends that I've been looking for my entire life. It took me 40 years to find them but it was well worth the wait. I love you guys very much and I can't wait to see what future adventures life has in store for us.

You can see more photos from our trip HERE

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