Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cleaning House & Shopping

Today I started to clean up my house after the crazy movie marathon weekend. It always takes me a few days to get motivated to clean up things. I didn't finish everything but I got a good start on things. Took three loads of the dishwasher to get all my dishes cleaned.

I also went shopping today.. haven't gone out shopping since Christmas time so it was fun getting out there. My first stop was Michael's for some crafty items, then I stopped by Staples to pick up some printer paper & ink. My third stop was Sports Chalet, I have a $100 gift certificate and went to buy some shoes but instead picked up a cool hat and back brace. I grabbed some Wendy's for lunch/dinner and headed home.

Tried to catch up on some TV.. I have so much on my DVR. But it was a pretty lazy day. I wanted to get some podcasting done but of course I never go around to it.

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