Sunday, February 26, 2012

80's Sci Fi & Fantasy Movie Marathon - Sunday

I got very little sleep last night.. went to bed around 2:30am but actually stayed up and chatted the Josh, Nicole, Robert, Will and Scott who were crashing in my room as well. We mostly talked about balls and how there were 10 of them in the room tonight and how there were only two boobs..Will then sung in the tune of Surf City (2 girls for every boy) 5 balls for every boob and we all lost it, especially me. I had a giggle fit which in turned made people laugh even more which made me laugh even more... it was a vicious circle.. but a great way to end the night. I didn't fall asleep until around 4am and was up at 7:30am. No one was up yet but I finally got out of bed around 8:30 and slowly made my way out to the kitchen trying not to stumble on bodies lying all over the place. I quietly started to clear off the stove and surrounding areas so I could start breakfast.

Soon more people were waking up and by 9am I figured it was time for everyone to get up so I didn't care if I was making noise or not. We made 24 eggs, 30 pieces of bacon, 28 pieces sausages, 15 pancakes, 3 pounds of potatoes/hash browns and a gallon of orange juice. And that still wasn't enough food for everyone. I actually went back and made another dozen eggs and sausages.  While we ate breakfast we started our fifth movie The Dark Crystal. Some folks loved it, others ::cough:: Chris, did not.

After the movie we decided to head out to Vasquez Rocks for a good hike. Our hikes normally last 2 to 2 1/2 hours. We had a huge group, 19 people. And I knew we had different levels of physical ability and not everyone would be able to keep up or go the same places as others. Since I was the host I felt obligated so hike with the "slower" crowd. I was hoping that everyone would hike together but that didn't happen and soon enough we were split into several different groups and I was not a happy hiker. I can say without of doubt that this hike was probably my worse hike with this group. I felt very abandon and apart from the group which gave me a really bad attitude. Luckily I was with my best bud Josh, his girlfriend Nicole and my good friend Jen so all was not lost. We took a nice slow and steady course to our destination. We meet back up with half of the other group who split into two again. We finally made it to our destination and re-grouped and got a few group photos. We decided to head back to the cars but once again instead of all of use traveling back together the more "advanced" group decided to go their own way.. again sour Kenny had appeared. Don't get me wrong I had a great time with my group, but the purpose of hiking with friends is actually hiking with friends. But my group climbed this steep hill before running into a guy with two horses, Chester and Scooby. We stopped and he allowed us to pet the horses. It was actually a nice hike back as we just walked in groups and chatted.

About fifteen minutes later the "advanced" group made it back to the cars and we headed back to my place. I was in a foul mood now and was really trying to not let the hike ruin this fantastic weekend. BTW I hate myself for allowing me to get so upset over something so stupid. But I guess the years of feeling like an outsider came back to me during that hike, when I once again felt very much like an outsider.

We tried to figure out where we were going to have lunch since we had to many people for Islands. We finally decided on Baja Fresh. We got there and grouped a bunch of tables together, ordered our food and had a fun lunch. I sat across from my new friend Robert and got to know him a little better, which was great. After lunch several folks went next door to Cold Stone for some ice cream. We also had to say goodbye to several of the ladies. Jes had to drive back up north, Kim has to take off and Jen had to take Olivia to LAX. So we said our goodbyes and headed back to my place.

Once back the remaining guests sat down to watch our sixth and final film Willow. Willow is one of my all time favorite fantasy movies and it seemed that everyone really enjoyed it.  Once the movie was over slowly everyone said their goodbyes and gave hugs all around until it was just Josh, Nicole and I. We sat around chatting until around 9:30pm then those two left, thus ending an incredible 80's Scifi and Fantasy Movie Marathon Weekend.

The day started out great, then got a little bumpy during the hike, but ended on a great note. I know that I will not have another large party like this. There were just to many people and me being a people pleaser it's to much work to make sure everyone is having fun, were in as I don't have any fun. But I think it was another successful movie marathon weekend. Thank you everyone who attended. I would list everyone's name as I've done in the past but I know I would miss someone so I'll leave it at "you know who you are". Can't wait for the next one Jurassic Park Movie Marathon in March.

You can see a few hundred pictures HERE 

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