Saturday, February 25, 2012

80's Sci Fi & Fantasy Movie Marathon - Saturday

I woke up around 8am and headed out to the kitchen were everyone was up and Chris and Ashphord were already making biscuits and gravy. We had breakfast which was great. Thanks Chris for introducing me to biscuits and gravy. After breakfast Kevin and Doug Rusley arrived. We headed out to play some extreme bocce ball (it was my best game, I got 2 points the first throw and two points again on my second throw. While we were playing bocce ball Anthony, Jennifer C and Michele (Anthony's friend) arrived and joined in the game.

I handed over my balls (yes I know how that sounds) to Jennifer and Michele and headed inside to get ready for the bulk of the guests. Everyone followed shortly after because it was just too hot outside for bocce ball. We then played a very long and awesome game of Uno before Jes started working on her topping for her Ectoplasm cupcakes and I prepped the snacks and BBQ.  During this time Robert arrived (this is Robert's first movie marathon) and Anne. The gang then started a game of Texas Holdem.

Next to arrive was my buddy Thomas who drove back down from Las Vegas for the weekend. Then Dallas arrived. Jen soon followed bringing our total to 17 and it's not even noon yet, the official time the party was suppose to start.

We all then got into our 80's costume, Chris/Ferris Bueller, Olivia/Robin Sparkles, Jes/Zuul, Rupert/Louis aka Vinz Clortho aka The Keymaster, Jen/Flashdance, Anthony/Mad Max, Kevin/Dread Pirate Roberts, Doug/Jack Burton, Dallas/Flash Gordan, Jennifer C/Sarah, Aaron/Nerd, Thomas/Johnny Lawrence, Michele/Joan Jett and as for me.. I just couldn't get a costume together with everything else going on.. but I did have some MC Hammer pants that I actually wore back in the 80's so I wore those. Robert, Anne, and Ashphord did not dress.

I started BBQing burgers and hot dogs when Adam and his two kids (no costumes), Andrew (no costume) and Scott/Cameron arrived. We ate lunch and began our first movie, Princess Bride. During Princess Bride my buddy Will/Ash showed up as well as my buddy Luis/Dread Pirate Roberts.

After Princess Bride we took about a fifteen minute break before we got started on our second movie of the weekend... Goonies. During this time Jennifer and Matt arrived as well as Kim (none of them dressed up). We're now up to 27 guests, but soon after Andrew had to leave and pushed us down to 26 guests when we started Goonies.

After Goonies Adam and his two kids left while we went to watch the Cyndi Lauper Goonies music video. After that we took a break and Leslie/Sloane showed up to completed the Ferris Bueller trio.

Sean Becker was next to show up, he actually came to scout my property as he's hoping to film an episode of Jeff Lewis' 5 Minute Comedy Hour here. He said he was going to stay for maybe an hour.. but he stayed quite a bit longer. We started Ghostbusters but Chris and I headed out to take Ashphord to her friends place and pick up some pizza for dinner.

When we were gone Sean had fun going around my house taking picture of himself destroying things (or pretending). He then went into my bedroom to mess it up but since I didn't make my bed and it was a mess already he decided to make my bed. Of course I had no idea any of this was happening until I saw the pictures/video.

Also during this time my friend Doug L arrived. Doug and I have been friends for years but never met in person.. so it was great to finally meet him.

We got back with pizza and Ghostbusters was ending. That was going to be it for the movies.. the party/drinking went into full force. At this time 2 more guests arrived Josh (no costume) and Nicole/80's outfit and finally our final guest Gabe (no costume) arrived making it a total of 30 (35 if you count the five that left).

We drank, passed some wigs around and just partied it up. Jen wanted to re-enact the scene from Flashdance so we went out to my back porch and Anthony poured a bucket of water on Jen from the roof of my house. We played several games of the card game Asshole.  Sean was about to leave but before he did he signed several autographs, on paper, chests, stomachs and anything else people wanted him to sign on. We then moved on to dancing. Olivia re-enacted the Robin Sparkles music video and everyone joined in.

And that tuned into circle dancing where everyone would stand in a circle and one person or several people would dance in the middle.. that was loads of fun.

After the dancing we decided to watch our fourth movie Labyrinth. When Labyrinth was over it was almost 2am and many of the folks were sleeping. So we took the next half hour to find a place to everyone to sleep. Had to make sure everyone had pillows, blankets and a spot somewhere. We manage to get six folks into my bedroom, 3 in the guest room, 3 in my office, 3 in my TV room and everyone else spread out in the living room and dining room. I even think one person slept outside on the back deck.

All in all is was a crazy but extremely incredible day. Had the most people I've ever had at one of my movie marathons as well as the most people sleeping over. If I'm honest there were to many people I don't think I'll be doing that again. I tend to worry about how everyone is doing, where everyone is going to sleep, and that takes away some of the fun for me. But I can't help being me and making others happy does make me very happy. Anyways.. still have another great day to come.

You can see a few hundred pictures HERE

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