Friday, February 24, 2012

80's Sci Fi & Fantasy Movie Marathon - Day 0

This all started with my friend Jes who has the longest drive down to my place. She would arrive Friday evening for my movie marathons. Then a few others started coming down and now it a pre-party party Friday nights. Today was the same. Tomorrow is the start of my 1980's Sci fi and Fantasy Movie Marathon weekend. So several folks decided to some over early.

First up was Rupert who arrived around 6pm. He went with me to Goodwill to see if I could find any kind of 80's clothing for the party. On our way to Goodwill Chris texted me and mentioned that he activated his "friend finder", it's an iphone app that allows you GPS your friends. So on the way to Goodwill I noticed that Chris was only a few blocks away from us. I texted him and informed him that we were going to to store and that he can just let himself in my house as he would arrived at my place before we got back. So Rupert and I started shopping when Chris popped up at the store to shop with us.. gotta love "friend finder".  I didn't find anything but Rupert found two really awesome coats, Chris got several old Star Wars VHS tapes and a few Disney soundtracks on tape cassette now that his new car has a cassette player. I did find a regular shirt that I liked and a cool graphic shirt for my buddy Luis.

After Goodwill we headed out to Boston Market for some yummy dinner. After dinner the three of us went back to my place. Chris asked me to dye his hair black as it's part of his 80's costume. So that's what we did. I have to say I had a lot of fun, it's not everyday that I dye my own hair let alone my buddies hair.

While I was dying Chris' hair Aaron and Ashphord arrived. When I was done with Chris' hair we went on to play Apples to Apples until Jes and Olivia arrived around 11pm. We spent an hour or so chatting with them and having a few drinks. Went to bed around midnight excited for this weekend.


  1. it was the oddest thing i was just browsing google images and i came across the picture of the hair dye being washed out some how found out it was a blog and couldnt stop reading it lol.

  2. also i saw that there were no comments and just thought id let you know that your little story was quite amusing