Monday, February 27, 2012

Facebook Woes & Oscars

Today I spent most of the day on the computer sorting, uploading and tagging the hundred of photos from this past weekend. Facebook has been a pain. I worked on tagging about half the photos and then there was glitch and I lost all my tags.. so I started again and two hours later I hit save and it came up with an error and once again I lost everything.

At this time I gave up and went and watched The Oscars from last night. I did pretty good at not reading or hearing any spoilers on who won. I really enjoyed Billy Crystal as the host. He had some really funny moments. Most of the awards were not a surprise, and I was disappointed with Meryl's win over Viola but I did love the Cirque du Soleil performance.

Once that was over I went back to Facebook and once again tagged all the 200 photos but this time I did 10 photos at a time and would save them.. and though I got errors over and over they worked. So after seven hours of working on those photos I finally got all of them up and posted.

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