Friday, March 2, 2012

Steak, Wine and a Great Friend

My best bud Chris came over tonight, we are hanging this weekend and plan to go to Disneyland tomorrow and since Chris live about 3 hours north of here he decided to crash at my place tonight. Well we wanted to make tonight an event so when we started to plan this out, Chris said we must have steak and wine and watch a good movie. That sounded like a great idea. So he arrived around 7pm and we headed out to find the prefect steak. Our first top was Vons but Chris wasn't impressed with any of their meats so we headed further south to Stater Brothers and he found some nice pieces of Rib Eye and we also grabbed a few bottles of wine, a chilled white and a red. We planned to get the movie "In Time" from the red box but the copies were all rented so we came up with a plan B. On our way out of the store I was ambushed by some girl scouts and they forced me to buy 5 boxes of there disgusting cookies.

When we got home I fired up the BBQ and Chris prepped the steaks and we had our first glass of chilled white wine. Now I have to say I'm not a fan of wine, never really enjoyed the taste. So when I took my first sip it was bad, but then Chris said to take a sip of his red wine and OMG, if white was bad red was horrible and when I took another sip of white it was tasty in comparison.

While Chris was prepping the steaks and began grilling them he was teaching me how to make the perfect steak... very cool information. While the steaks were cooking we tried to stream "In Time" but once again my crappy internet ruined that idea so instead we opted to look over what movies I had and Chris pulled out A Knight's Tale. Now I've seen bits and piece of this movie but never saw the entire thing.. well that was that. Chris insisted that we watch A Knight's Tale.

So the steaks were done, we had another glass of wine and we started to watch A Knight's Tale.

Steaks were EXCELLENT.. one of the best pieces of meat I've ever had.

As the night progressed I steadily got drunker, to the amusement of Chris, who by the way also started to get tipsy. By the end of the night we were both feeling great, I had three glasses of white and one glass of red while Chris had three glasses of white and four glasses of red, needless to say we finished both bottles.

A Knight's Tale was fantastic!!! And for dessert we had some yummy thin mint cookies.

All in all it was one of the best nights I have had in a long time..  we were dudes eating steaks, drinking wine, watching a great movie and enjoying ones company.. couldn't get any better than that.

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