Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wondercon, Disneyland & Avengers Oh My!!!

Lots of stuff going today.. I first started with getting my Wondercon application sent out. They extended the post mark date for professionals until March 2nd and I have been going back and forth if I wanted to go. So I sent out the application today and hopefully will hear back within a week if I can get it or not. I should since I qualify for a San Diego Comic Con Professional pass and they are ran by the same company. I plan on cosplaying at a Hobbit like I did at SDCC last year.. need to get some new Hobbit ears but my feet from last year should still work.

Today is Leap Day and Dinseyland opened at 6am and was staying open 24 hours. I had planned to attended but my house is still a mess and I'm so behind on my podcasts and my next MASH podcast is due to be released tomorrow and I haven't even started editing it. So I opted out and instead read tweets all day from friends who did attend. It sounded like great day until around 8pm when folks said the park reach capacity and was super crowded. I'm kind of glad I didn't go now, I'm not good in big crowds and I don't think I could have stayed away for a full 24 hours.

Did some more cleaning.. got everything done with exception to sweeping and cleaning my hardwood floors.. have to do that tomorrow.

A new trailer came out today for Avengers... and I was excited for this movie but after seeing this I'm beyond excited. I'm a huge super hero fan as well as and a huge fan of Joss Wheadon so it's a win win for me.. check out this AWESOME trailer.

And for the majority of my evening I worked on my next MASH podcast. I started around 5 and didn't finish until 1am when I was just too tired finish so I'll have to finish it up tomorrow and post it.

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