Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hobbit Behind the Scenes Videos

As many of you know I'm a HUGE Lord of the Rings / Hobbit / J.R.R Tolkien fan.  I love everything to do with Middle Earth. As many of you know Peter Jackson is tackling the prequel books to Lord of the Rings called The Hobbit. He's making two movies from it. First one that comes out Dec. 2012 called The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey and the second that comes out Dec. 2013 is titled The Hobbit - There and Back Again.

Well Mr. Jackson has been releasing these incredible behind the scene mini movies (as I like to call them). They run from 10 to 15 minutes and are chuck full of AWESOME inside information and sneak peeks. Well he just released the sixth one yesterday and it's pretty great. If you haven't seen these and you're a fan of Middle Earth/The Hobbit/LOTR they are a must.

Because I actually work in TV I love seeing all these cool behind the scenes footage. Working on these films would be a dream. Don't get me wrong working these films would be hard word and very exhausting but when you work on something that your passionate about it makes the long hours and hard work not so bad. Every single person on these films from cast to crew look like they are just having a blast.

Here's the latest video.

And if you haven't see the first five videos.. click HERE to check them out.

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  1. Thanks Kenny! I did not know about these videos. SO interesting. @moerelle