Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jurassic Park Movie Marathon Day Two

Since everyone went to bed fairly early last night folks were up at 7:30am starting breakfast. This time Olivia was making pancakes while Kim and I cut strawberries and bananas for some toppings. Ashphord was making some sausages, while Aaron was helping with the clean up from yesterday. (Thanks Aaron)

After breakfast we all got ready for our hike to Vasquez Rocks. Jen had to leave so she did not join us for the hike. For this hike we had a goal (location) in mind and we wanted to all stick together.  I'm happy to say we did both. This was one of the more enjoyable hikes. There were some tough spots but everyone got through them. There were also some crazy spot for the more adventurous and nice flat areas for those less crazy. This is the first time that team leader Chris took us to a 30 foot drop that we couldn't get down so we had to back track a bit before finding our way back to the cars. But as I mentioned we all had a fantastic time on this hike. After the hike Will and Ashphord had to leave so we said our goodbyes.

After our goodbyes we headed back to my place to freshen up. We had planned to go to Islands but time was running out as we also planned to go to the movies to see John Carter. So instead we went to Baja Fresh, (thanks Chris for buying me lunch) which we did on our last movie marathon as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it last time and it's quick and easy. Once lunch was over we lost another person, Kim.

We then headed over to the movie theater. I had never been to this one but we found it fairly easy. We got tickets (thanks Dallas for getting mine and to Chris for my drink, I was well taken care of today). And a big thanks for the Rusley brother who had a giant bag of candy for everyone to enjoy.

We made our way into the movie theater and it was a decent size with stadium seating, which is great. I sat between my two favorite guys and the movie started. John Carter is based on a book written back in 1911. The movie itself was good, a little slow paced but had some cool action scenes and special effects. I think what saves this movie for me was the story. It was a nice, not too complicated story and they really left no plot holes. It wasn't as action packed as I thought it was going to be but still a very enjoyable movie.

After John Carter we said goodbyes to Jes and Olivia who had to drive back up north. While driving back to my place Chris asked where the closest Red Box was so we headed to Albertsons. For the past few weeks Chris has been wanting to show me the movie "In Time" but again, like last week, both of the Red Boxes were out of In Time. So typical Chris says let's go buy it and off to Best Buy we go. Once at Best Buy we looked and looked until finally Robert found it and Chris bought it. On our drive home I plugged in my iphone to Chris' radio and we rock out to some of my favorite songs until we reach the dirt road to my house and I put on Cee Lo Green's F*ck You. Chris rolled down the windows and blasted it as we all (Chris, Robert, Rupert and I) sang along. I have to say this was one of my favorite moments of the weekend.

We get back to my place and of course the other car was already here and as I went inside to find Anthony giving my kitchen a quick clean (Thanks Anthony). Robert was going to leave but was intrigued by In Time and stuck around to watch it with us.. yay!!

Time to watch In Time. I wanted to see this when it was out in the theaters but didn't have time so I was really looking forward to it. If you don't know what this movie is about it stars Justin Timberlake and it's like a modern day Logan's Run. Where humans only live to the age of 25 before their clocks start and then they have to start working, begging or stealing time to prolong their lives but they will always remaining looking like they are 25. It's a very cool concept and idea. I kept looking over at Robert and saying.. that's just creep, the entire society living that way is just weird. But it was a very enjoyable movie and I extremely happy that Chris persisted on me seeing it.

After the movie Aaron and Dallas left followed by my new best bud Robert, he really didn't want to go but he had a weeks worth of horrible sleep and really needed some good night sleep before he went back to work tomorrow. So we said our sad goodbye and I headed back in with the group.

We still had Chris, Rupert, Anthony, Jennifer C., Doug and Kevin. Once again Chris grilled some delicious steaks for dinner that everyone enjoyed. We then sat down to watch Once Upon A Time latest episode. Now I love Once Upon A Time (it's my favorite show on TV) but I have to say watching it was others makes it even more enjoyable. Love tonight's episode all about Red Riding Hood (And man what a twist to her story) After Once the Rusley brothers left followed shortly after by Anthony and Jennifer leaving just Chris and I. We watched the latest Family Guy before calling it a night. Chris was staying the night as he took Monday off so we could hang more. (love him)

Once again like the past two days, this was an extremely fun filled day from morning to night. From breakfast, to the hike, to John Carter, to In Time, to the steaks and finally Once Upon A Time I couldn't have asked for a better day. In fact this weekend was just EPIC, with a guest list about half the size of the last party I had so much more fun not having to worry about so many people.

I was really hoping to make this movie marathon extra special for Chris because it will be his last for a while but he along with others made this extra special for me. I don't know what I did to deserve such great friends but I couldn't ask for any better. And what is great is I still get to spend another day with my best buy Chris... Monday awaits!!

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