Friday, March 16, 2012

Wondercon Day 1 (Night) - Suiting Up

We had planned a nice dinner with some of our friends who were also down at the con. So the three of us changed out of our costumes and played some rounds of Yahtzee on the iPad. While we were at the hotel my best bud Robert joined us. He was coming to Con on Saturday and decided to join us Friday night after he got off work. We picked a cocktail place to start the night off and then we were going to have dinner as McCormick & Schmick's Grille. We also decided that we would "suit up" for the night. If your not a How I Met Your Mother Fan (you should be) but there is a character named Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) who uses that phrase all the time. Just means put on a suit and hit the town. So Chris, Robert and I got ready and suited up while Jes hung back and relaxed.

We left our hotel and walked to The Garden Walk and tried to locate this "cocktail" place but after walking around for a bit we couldn't find it so instead we went to the bar section of McCormick & Schmick's and ordered some drinks. As Jes, Chris, Robert and I were waiting more friends showed up, Jen, Kevin, Anthony and Dallas. We were shown to our table and an hour later and Kimi, Adam, Jennifer and Holly joined the party. We had a fantastic dinner, yummy food and great company.

After dinner Jes, Chris and I headed back to the hotel. While Robert drove back to Kimi's place to drop off her car and he and her came back to our hotel as they were staying with us because they were going to join us for Wondercon the next day. Once they got to the hotel we picked our sleeping areas and went to bed.

You can check out more pictures HERE

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