Monday, March 12, 2012

Chris and Kenny's Excellent Adventures

Today we got up around 8am and made our traditional biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Chris wanted to head home about noon so we decided to go for a nice hike at Vasquez Rocks. When we got there the park was closed (well the parking was closed), they look to be repaving. But there were cars parked all out front so we joined them and then walked on foot into the park. It was kind of cool because whenever we go Vasquez we try and not hike the same area and once again because we had to walk in from the outside we were hiking in an area we never hiked before.

yeah don't ask!!
For the next few hour we roamed around the area and had a great time. We found some very cool and extremely beautiful settings. I found a very cool Gandalf staff but forgot it when I laid it down to grab a picture.

The hikes are great and good for my health but honestly the best part of these hikes is spending quality time with Chris. With our days growing fewer and fewer every minute I get to spend with him is precious.. speaking of precious.. check out this pix (to the left).. it's one of my favorites that I took today.

After Vasquez we got back to my place around 11:50am, perfect timing as he wanted to leave at Noon. But before he left he wanted to transfer some photos from his phone to my computer. Well that took a few hours to figure it out but we finally did and he went through and shared years of photo with me. It was pretty AWESOME. Got to see "little" Chris, pixs of his Dad and family and so many other special moments. Even though he wanted to leave at noon he didn't leave my place until around 3ish which we were both cool with since we got to spend more one on one time with each other And the best part of all is I get to see him again in three days when he comes back down Thursday in preparation for Wondercon.

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