Thursday, March 15, 2012

Star Wars Pre-Wondercon Party

Saw a tweet earlier this week mentioning that Hero Complex was having a pre-Wondercon party at the Discovery Science Center, which just happens to be housing the Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition. I saw this a few weeks ago but it sounded fun. So I chatted with my buddy Chris and we decided to go. I wasn't sure if he was getting tickets and by the time we communicated we had both gotten a tickets plus a guest. So we now had four tickets between us.

So for a week we both tweeted and facebooked that we had these tickets. BTW it took only a few hours before the RSVP's were gone. Jen mentioned that she was interested in going and on the day of the event she confirmed she wanted one of the tickets. But we still had one and no one had claimed it so as we were driving down there I tweeted one last time and our buddy Rupert (who happens to live close to there) said he wanted the tickets so he joined us for our fourth.

Chris got to my place around 4:30ish and we immediately headed down to the Center (with traffic it would take us a little over 2 hours to get there). As expected traffic was bad. The event started at 6pm to 9pm. Jen got there around 6:30 and said there was no line and that it looked dead. Chris and I arrived around 6:45 closely followed by Rupert. We meet up with Jen at the entrance and made our way in.

When we got inside there were a fair amount of people but nothing like I was expecting. They were serving free drink and very tasty hors d'oeuvres. The four of us walked around a bit having a drink and taking in the Discovery Center. Last time I was here I did nothing but the Star Wars Exhibit. The others (including Jen and Chris) did the entire center so there was plenty of stuff for me to see. When we finished our first drink we decided to head into the Star Wars exhibit. Now I took a ton of pictures and video just a few weeks prior so there was nothing new to see. We kind of walked through the place checking out all the cool Star Wars props. We took some pixs before heading upstairs. The Discovery Science Center is really for children and very interactive. So the four of us played around with all the cool things like a wind tunnel, laser string harp. Oh and I did lye on a bed of nails (interesting experience). We stayed for about an hour or so before we were to hungry to continue.

The four of us headed over to The Cheesecake Factory because I had a gift card and we enjoyed a great meal and chatted for bit. We all said our good-byes but would be seeing each other on the weekend for Wondercon. Chris and I headed back to my place and by the time we got home around 11:30pm Jes had arrived and we found her in my living room sipping on some wine watching TV.

This is going to be a crazy long weekend!!

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