Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Entering the RobZone

Tonight I headed down to Los Angeles to have dinner with my new best bud Robert. This was our first one on one get together. We've hung out in groups but never just the two of us. I wanted to get there around 6pm but with traffic I didn't get to his place until 6:30pm. Got to see his place before heading out to Islands for some yummy burgers and cheddar fries. We ate and talked for a few hours at Islands about his life, my life, dating and other very interesting topics. I love these one on one conversations I feel like I really get to know the person without all the distractions of a group. And with Robert we have some very personal talks and as I've said in previous blog posts he and I just clicked. I've only known him a few months but it's as though we've been friends forever and our intimate conversation reflect that. After dinner we decided to head back to his place and chill for another few hours. Before I knew it four hours had flown by and it was 10:30pm and he needed to get to bed for an early day at work tomorrow. So we said our good nights.. made plans to make these one on one get together as weekly as possible and I headed home. I had an AWESOME time in the RobZone!!!

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