Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wondercon Day 2

Saturday started bright and early Jes, Chris and I were wearing the same costumes that we wore yesterday. Kimi was going as an Orion Starfleet Officer and we talked Robert, who was not going to dress up, into wearing Chris' Green Lantern outfit. That was fun because the bottom half of the costume are tights and Robert was worried about his "junk" we went back and forth on the idea of "packing" his junk or not. Well we tried several times but each time his "junk" looked a bit deformed. In the end I suggested that he wear two pairs on underwear (one being a pair of briefs). Since his "junk" already looks good the extra support gave it a good shape and we were all happy (this is why I love my friends, we can make "packing" our "junk" a fun adventure). After that Jes helped Kimi apply her green make up while Robert and Chris helped me with my ears. I decided to go with the pair that I wore at last years comic con. They are only tips and since I didn't have the right make up to blend them these compared to yesterday were more subtle.

We got to the con around 11am and like we did yesterday we roamed around the floor all day having our picture taken. Jes was the star yesterday but today it was all about Chris. Our group split up around 1pm. Kimi and Robert headed to the Geek and Sundry panel while Chris, Jes and I just continued to roam around the floor. I ran into a few friends of my brothers and also Felicia Day who was off to her panel (Geek and Sundry). Chris, Jes and I did not attend her panel as there was a line and we didn't want to wait around while in our cosplay outfits. When the panel was over we met back up with Kimi and Robert, but Kimi wanted to go find a few friends of her so she took off. The rest of us headed over to the Hilton to grab a bit to eat. After what felt like forever (about an hour or so), we got our food. After a late lunch my buddy Luis showed up and joined our group along with Dallas, Kevin and Aaron. We headed back to the floor to walk around for another hour. Around 6pm we decided to head back to our hotel, we said our good-byes to everyone as we were meeting back at our hotel room for a party later in the night. Chris, Jes, Kimi, Robert and I went back to our hotel room and removed our costumes  and just relaxed. About a half hour later I got a text from my friend Michele asking if she could come crash at our hotel for a few hours before heading back home to LA. I said of course and about 10 minutes later she was in our room. Half hour later she got a call from her friend Milynn who had a flat tire on the side of a freeway heading back to LA, only problem is they didn't have a spare. So Michele's visit was cut short as she headed out to rescue Milynn.

After Michele left we decided to split up in several groups to get ready for this Birthday, St. Paddy's Day, Wondercon room party. Jes and Chris were headed to Anne's hotel room to pick up some alcohol and on the way ran into Rupert. While Luis and I went to The Cheesecake Factory to get a cake for Robert's birthday and ran into Anthony while in route and Kimi and Robert stayed at the hotel just in case anyone showed up.

Cheesecake Factory was crazy.. but I did get the best looking chocolate cake I had ever seen. Yes it was $50 bucks and I could have gotten one from the local Ralphs for a quarter of the price, but convenience won out. I also got a $45 cheesecake. So I spent $95 on two cakes, might have spent a bit too much on these but they were yummy and everyone enjoyed them. And to be honest Robert is worth every penny :)

So we all got back to our hotel around 9ish and the party began. Guests of the party were Chris, Jes, Jen, Anne, Rachelle, Aaron, Dallas, Robert, Kimi, Rupert, Luis, Anthony, Jennifer C. and of course me. I won't go into great detail here as to what happens at these parties, it really should stay at these parties. But I can say that I got to kiss some boys and girls, and motorboat my way through a boob gauntlet. We all had a great time. We sung Happy Birthday to Robert and cut the cake with a sword. Then Chris and Robert had a special moment with said sword. We did shots and laughed and piled on beds... good times were being had by all. But then again I didn't expect anything else. With these kinds of friends you know it's going to be a fun geeky good time. The party ended around 2am, lucky most of the people had hotel rooms close by. Jen, Jes, Robert, Kimi, Chris, Rupert and I crashed at our place. I unfortunately got stuck with a air mattress that had a slow leak and found myself drowning in plastic. I wound up just sleeping on the floor. Wasn't the best night sleep.

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