Monday, July 16, 2012

The Day After - Goodbye Chris

Mondays are tough enough but the Monday after San Diego Comic Con are much harder. Lucky for me my best friend Chris was still with me. Jes, Rachel, Chris and I all got up bright and early. I was heading to work and Chris was joining me for the day. Rachel and Jes were getting ready to head back up north. I made some breakfast and we all sat around enjoying ones company. 8am came around and Chris and I headed out. The ladies would be leaving a bit later.

On the commute into work Chris and I worked on our new "secret project". This is something that started as a joke months ago and then this past weekend kind of evolved into something real. Both Chris and I are really excited for this. We talked none stop as Chris took notes. I'm sure I'll be talking more about this as it comes into clearer vision. 

Got to work around 9:30am and was greeted with new editors and story producers. Chris pulled a seat over to my cubicle and sat next to me. He worked on his ipad as I did my work. Lunch time we headed over to Daily Grill to meet up with Robert. Lunch was a lot of fun, it was great having two of my best friends with me. After lunch Robert took Chris over to his work place to show him around. About an hour later Chris returned. He planned to go to the movies with some Guildies so I loaned him my jeep and he headed over to the theater. He was going to return to my work around 7:30pm which worked out great as my job normally ends around 7pm. But at about 6:15 the power went out in the offices and remained out. Slowly everyone left the building except me as I didn't have my car. I sat around in the dark watching my cell phone battery slowly die.

As planned Chris returned at 7:30. I jumped in the drivers side and we were now off to Downtown Disney where Chris was meeting up with Jen. Once again during our commute (which wasn't as bad as I was expecting) we talked about our "special project"and went over more details.. both of us know that this is the right thing for us to do as everything flowed so easily.

Got to Downtown Disney and found a parking space. Waited about 10 minutes and Jen showed up. Chris was having dinner with Jen and then she was going to drive him to his hotel near the John Wayne Airport where he would be leaving back to Montana tomorrow morning at 7am. This was the moment I was not looking forward to all week. Last time I said goodbye to Chris I sobbed into his shoulder and my heart literally ached. But this time there were no tears, though my heart was aching. I gave him the best hug I could muster. I had to convey all the love and gratitude I had for him. SDCC would have been completely different if he wasn't by my side. I did cry a bit on the way home as it actually started to hit me that I wouldn't be seeing him tomorrow or the next day and probably not for a few months. I did stop by Taco Bell to get some comfort food for the drive home. Got home around 11pm and I was once again alone.

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