Sunday, July 15, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Day 5

It's our final day at San Diego Comic Con. Part of me is happy because, though con is a blast it's extremely exhausting. but the other part of me knows that when it's over my bestie Chris is going back to Montana.

But we still have one more day to go. My brother left in the morning (had to get back to his family). This time Chris and I dressed up in our Star Trek uniforms. We had planned to get a large group of people together to cosplay in uniform but in the end it was only Chris and I. We walked around the floor starting on one side. Though we've been there for five days I still hadn't seen the entire floor. So we made our way from booth to booth. Our Star Trek uniforms were not nearly as popular as my Hobbit and Chris' Altair outfit. But I guess that was good since we really did want to see the floor and not be stopped every few feet. We meet up with some friends here and there but the majority of the day it was just Chris and I.

We stopped my Marian Call's booth to say hi and get pictures. I also picked up all three of her CD's. The only thing we planned for today was to go to the Star Wars cosplay panel. When we planned this we had six or seven people planning on dressing up in Star Trek uniforms and Chris thought it would be funny if we crashed their event. In the end it was only Chris, Aaron, Will and myself in uniforms and nothing really happened when we walked in. I know Chris was disappointed at the reaction and I was disappointed in the panel.. it was just boring.

After the panel we meet up with Rachel and Jes and finished walking the floor before heading back to our townhouse for rest before heading out to dinner.

The Strip Club has become some what of a tradition as the place for our goodbye dinner. This is a place where you cook your own meat. Chris wanted to go here again though he complained last year about having to cook his own meat. We had a large party and it kept getting bigger. We ended up with something like 18 people but it was a great way to end con. Everyone had some yummy steaks that Chris and Olivia grilled and to end the dinner we all sang Happy Birthday to Milynn.

We slowly said our goodbyes to everyone before heading back to the townhouse to grab our stuff and walk it back to the car. Olivia and Thomas joined us to say goodbye. After his goodbyes to Olivia and Thomas we all piled in Jes' car with even more stuff then we came with. Once again Chris and I got really cozy in the backseat.

The drive home was uneventful. Jes' GPS took us what seemed to be a longer route but in the end it avoided all the traffic and we got home in a little over three hours. We unloaded the car and crashed at my place.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 has come to an end.

Overall it was a fantastic con. One of my favorites in recent years and there are two reasons for that. One I just relaxed and didn't try to get into any panels, I just cosplayed the entire time and two I got to spend the majority of my time with my best friend Chris. I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. I can't wait for SDCC 2013.. let the planning begin.

You can see all my Con pictures HERE 

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