Saturday, July 14, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Day 4

Got up early once again, I was cosplaying as a Hobbit again (people seemed to really like it) but Chris decided to dress up as Barney Stinson from How I Meet Your Mother.

We did our normal routine and ate breakfast at Subway before making our way to the convention center. Once again this was a nice walk around the con in character and have pictures taken of us. We meet up with our friends Rachel and Jes, they had panels at Nerd HQ at noon but were going to hang out with us for a bit.

One of the highlights of the trip was when I was at the Weta booth and a Weta employee lady grabbed me and walked me over to where Richard Taylor (the man behind Weta) was sitting to show me off. He waved and gave me the thumbs up when he saw my outfit. Then another employee of Weta took my picture and said he would put it up on their website (You can see HERE  and scroll down to July 15th) and then he proceeded to take me to the Cave Trolls to get a picture of me there as well. Everyone there loved my outfit and it made me proud of what I put together. The guy who took my picture gave me a magnet in the shape of Hobbit feet... it's pretty cool.

After that we wandered around for a bit and I found my friend Jamie Chambers booth. He invented a new card game and I went to purchase it and reached for my wallet in my backpack when I noticed that my backpack was gone. Immediately I start to panic... not only is my wallet in there with a few hundred dollars, Chris' new Ipad is in there. The last place I remember it being was near the bathroom when I put it down to take some pictures with people. I guess I just walked away and left it there. Chris quickly ran back over there to see if it was still there but I was doubtful as it had been thirty minutes. He came back empty handed so we pulled out my iphone and checked the location of his iPad. I have a Find Friends app that allows me to see where my friends (with iphones/ipads) are, at all times. We saw that the ipad was still at the convention center, but the radius was to wide and we couldn't pin point the location. I decided to head to the Lost and Found booth. A few years back I lost my cellphone and it was turned in there so I was hoping I'd get lucky once again. We got to the lost and found and as I walked up they were emptying the content of my backpack onto a table and inventorying it. One of the guards just dropped it off. Everything was still in there.. whew.. that was a close call. I don't mind losing my stuff but I would have hated to have lost Chris' stuff. From now on that back pack is sticking to me like glue.

The ladies left and Chris and I continued to walk around the show floor. We went to the Jason Palmer booth (he's one of my favorite geeky artist). I was hoping he had something new but atlas there was nothing I wanted to buy. But my buddy Chris bought three paintings, Indiana Jones, Boba Fett and Serenity/Mal.. all three are AWESOME prints and will look great in his place. We also stopped by my friend Teal's booth were she and Sean Becker were promoting My Gimpy Life. It was great seeing those guys.

We meet up with my brother Michael, Aaron and Rupert and headed out to grab a bite to eat. When we first got into town I noticed that we drove by The Counter, a really cool burger place. so we headed that way. It was hot and my feet were killing me. The Counter wasn't that far from the con but when we got there it hadn't opened yet. We opted for TGIF instead. We were meeting Adam, Katie and her friend there. The seven of us had a nice lunch before going our separate ways. Chris ran off to see if he could get one of those knitted figures, while my brother and I went back to the townhouse to rest. Chris came back empty handed so he and I headed back to con.

This is when my second most memorable moment happen. I got to meet Sean Astin from Goonies / Rudy / Lord of the Rings. He was signing at the Hollywood Treasures booth. It cost $40 to get an autograph but I didn't care. I've been a huge fan of Sean for years and it was awesome to get to meet him. And a plus, he really liked my Hobbit costume. I was so excited to meet him that when I went to put his picture in my backpack.. yep.. I left it by his table. Luckily we were only a few feet away and Chris ran over and got it.

We headed back to the townhouse to drop off stuff and rest a bit. We debated on going back to con as we were going to a Marian Call concert at 7pm and we had to drive or bus there. I wasn't sure I wanted to go or just stay at the con til 7 cosplaying. We headed back to con for about a half hour when I realized it was a waste of time and I did want to go to Marian Call concert and headed back to the townhouse.

Chris helped my brother once again Tron up and Chris and I got ready to head out. We were meeting up with Luis who was going to drive us over. My buddy Will wanted to join us so he came along as well. Once at the church where she was playing Dallas and Aaron joined us. This was my first Marian Call concert thought I've enjoyed her music for years. She didn't disappoint. We all had a great time at her concert.

We drove back and everyone was going to hit the Slamcon party but my feet were killing me and I'm not much of a party person, unless it's my own party. So I said goodnight to the fellas and headed back to the townhouse were I found my brother in the window all lite up and people taking picture of him from the streets. I ate some left over hot dogs for dinner, chatted with my brother for a bit before calling it a night around 1:30am.

Tomorrow is our final day at comic con.

You can see all my Con pictures HERE 

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