Friday, July 13, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Day 3

Well Chris and I got up early and kind of hung around the townhouse in the morning. We opted to go get our breakfast at Subway before getting dressed up in our cosplay. We hung out with our friend Thomas who was sharing the room with us, waiting for my brother to arrive. Michael arrived around 10ish and Chris and I finally finished putting on the rest of our cosplay. I was going as a Hobbit and Chris was Altair once again.

We got to con around noon and walked around the floor for a bit taking pictures. My brother headed off to try and get into a panel while Chris and I continued to walk around and run into friends here and there.

It was a pretty laid back day. There was the Firefly panel which both Chris and I would have loved to do but folks were in line since 6pm the previous day. Yeah that's not my thing. I did panels for years but I no longer have the patience or need to wait that long. We had some lunch from the con floor, consisting of a pretzel hot dog. We searched for little knitted figures and again came close several times but never got one.

We left the con around 6pm and headed back to the townhouse to change. And to help my brother get into his Tron outfit. He planned to head back to con for the last hour and then hang out as his outfit is best when dark. After we suited him up we headed to the local Ralphs to pick up supplies for "The Geek Mob" party that I was throwing at the Guildie Townhouse.

I kept my hobbit pants and ears on but changed out my shirt for my cool LOTR/Beatles shirt and some shoes. Got to Ralphs and went shopping, bought some hamburgers and hot dogs to BBQ, chips and other snacky things to eat. Once we got back some folks had arrived and a few of them went to the local CVS to get some soda and beer. Around 7:30 more folks arrived and the party officially began at 8pm.

I had very limited space and it was tough picking and choosing who to invite. Since I did not rent the house I went by what Lydia told me. I could have up to 25 guests including the 7 guests staying in the house. So that left me with some hard choices. Choices that I didn't like making and it kind of put a dampener on the party for me. I had several people ask if they could bring others and I had to say no, even though some of them were actual friends. It wasn't a good feeling but I had no choice.

I spent most of the party moody and pouty, but luckily not many people knew. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Chris got the BBQ going and we started to play several games of Card Against Humanity. We had so many people that we actually got two different games going. After Cards they hooked up the Xbox and starting playing Rockband. My brother finally got back to the house around 10pm, as he left the 7 and it took him 3 hours to go three blocks because he was asked to take so many pictures.

I continued to be mopey and cleaned up the kitchen while everyone else was having fun. I hate when I get in those kind of moods but again it didn't deter anyone from having fun. Finally around 2am I had to call it a night and asked those remaining to head out.

It wasn't the best party for me but everyone seemed to have a great time and that's important to me. Next up day four of comic con and the last full day at con.

You can see all my Con pictures HERE 

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