Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MASH, Work & Friends

Since I got home from work so late last night/early this morning I came into work a bit late but since I couldn't sleep and was up at 7am I decided to finish my next MASH 4077 Podcast, after a few hours I was done. So one less thing I have to worry about while at Comic Con.

Got into work around 11am and again it was a busy day. This was my last day before heading down to San Diego Comic Con. Everything was moving along nicely until around 5pm when catastrophe struck. The isis (hard drive that holds everything) slowly started to crash and soon went into meltdown mode.  I spent the next few hours hoping that it was an easy fix and that we didn't lose any information. I also had to get home because my friends Jes and Rachel were coming down from SF to crash at my place for SDCC the next day. So I left around 8pm and got on the road to go home, but noticed that I needed gas. I made my way to a local gas station when my post pa calls and says he's having trouble finding this person house where he is suppose to be dropping off a hard drive. While I'm talking to him my night AE calls me and is asking me questions about the isis, like password and such which I don't know. I try texting my lead AE but imessage decides to go down so no messages are being sent. I can't contact the person my post pa is trying to get to and I thought I was going to have a break down right there in the gas station parking lot.

Fifteen minutes later my post pa found the person's house and got the hard drive to him and my night AE called back and said that tech services are on the scene and the isis will be back up and running in no time with no lost media.

I got home around 9pm and my friends arrived around 11pm. We visited for a half hour (I actually got to meet Rachel for the first time.) We called it an night around midnight.. we have a big day of driving ahead of us... I also get to see my best friend Chris tomorrow afternoon and I'm so excited.. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep tonight.

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