Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cut & Curl... Hobbit Style

Got up today and laid out my entire Hobbit outfit. I wanted to make sure I had everything and that all was good go.

After that I spent most of the day editing several of my podcasts. Both my Alien Nation, which is due on July 10th and MASH 4077 which is due on July 15th. Both had to be done this weekend as I left for Comic Con on Wednesday I knew I wouldn't have any time to finish them. I struggled all day long forcing myself to get these two podcasts done. I manage to finish Alien Nation mid day and started working on MASH.

I got a text from my buddy Sebastian who was back from up north but I really wanted to talk to his girlfriend Amanda who is a hair stylist. I really needed someone to cut and curl my hobbit wig. Luckily she was free at night. Though I wasn't done with my MASH podcast I had to get this done so I headed over to their place.

Three hours later my Hobbit hair was cut and curled and looked great. The real human hair looks so much better then the synthetic hair. As a thank you I took Amanda and Sebastian out to dinner. We went to the Black Angus. After dinner I said my goodbye and headed back to my place getting home round 11pm. I had to be up early for work the next day but I really needed to get as much of my MASH podcast done as I could so I stayed up a few more hours working on it. Finally around 1am I called it a night but still had not finished my podcast.

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