Wednesday, July 11, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Day 1

Today is preview night at San Diego Comic Con. Jes and Rachel stayed the night so we could all car pool together. But first I had to finish up my MASH 4077 podcast. I had to upload and build the show notes and preset so it would be released on the 15th.

Around Noon we headed out to the John Wayne Airport to pick up my bestie Chris who was flying in for con. I have been so excited about seeing him as it's been several months. We got to the airport about a ten minute before he landed and waited by the baggage area. I was so excited that Jes and Rachel were making fun of me. I could barely sit still. When I caught site of him and jump up and immediately grabbed him brought him into a big bear hug. It's crazy how much you can miss someone, even though you talk to them daily via IM/phone.

We grabbed his bags and packed ourselves into Jes' car. Her car looks small on the outside but it's huge on the inside and we had that thing packed to the brim. Chris and I sat in the back seat and literally had to sit in each other's lap. It was cozy but I was with my best bud so I didn't mind. Several sticky hours later we made it to San Diego and to the townhouse. My friend Thomas was waiting for us with a parking pass to park across the street in the parking structure. We unloaded our bags and went our separate ways.. Jes and Rachel were heading to the Omni to their hotel room and Chris and I headed to the townhouse that we were sharing the six other people. We dumped stuff off in our room and then headed to the convention center to get our passes. It was around 6pm and the con floor just opened. We stood in what looked like a super long line for the professional tickets but it actually went very quickly and we had our tickets in about 15 minutes.

Every year the WB hands out these huge bags and this year there were Hobbit ones and I was so hoping that I would get one and I did. While we were getting tickets we ran into friends Brian, Brian and Leo. After we got out tickets we hit the floor. It was PACKED!! Since there were no panels everyone was on the floor. My goal was to get an exclusive Bilbo Hobbit figure from Bridge Direct. They were selling them at two different booths.. Gentle Giant and Entertainment Earth.  The first place Chris and I went to was Gentle Giant and there was a pretty long line so we decided to head over to Entertainment Earth. About halfway there we decided to split up, I would go back to Gentle Giant and get in line and he would see how long the line was at EE. When I got back to Gentle Giant booth the line wasn't that bad and about fifteen minutes later I had my exclusive Bilbo figure. Not only did I get mine I got two additional ones. There were no limits on how many you could buy and I knew that Jes wanted one (come to find out she got her own) but I'll be interested to see if they go up in value once the movie is out.

So my goal for Wednesday Preview night has been reached. Around 8ish we were tired from travels and it was so crowded on the con floor that we decided to go get some dinner (especially since we didn't eat lunch). So a small group of us went to this Irish pub (that we first thought was closed because no one was there), soon our group doubled in size and I had a great time hanging with my friends ( Chris, Jes, Anne, Dallas,  Luis, Aaron, Olivia, Rachelle and Rachel. As we were leaving Michele, Becca and Jeff showed up.

After dinner we said our goodbyes and Chris and I headed back to the townhouse to get some sleep. We were getting up early for the official first day of San Diego Comic Con 2012.... can't wait!!!

You can see all my Con pictures HERE

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  1. So Jes's car is really the Tardis in disguise? :D