Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas with the Family

So my friend Jes is staying with me for the week while she looks for apartment to move into early next year. Also my bestie Josh crashed last night as it was very late when the Hobbit ended and he lives a few hours away. Jes was already out looking at apartment so Josh and I hung out for a bit before he headed home.

I had to get to CVS to pick up some medicines that I'm going to need while on vacation. I can't believe how busy CVS was midday on a Monday.. was in line for almost a half hour before finally getting out of the store.

My big plans for the day was to spend Christmas with my family since I'll be out of town starting tomorrow and will not be here for the Holidays... so today I am going to my Mom's and then Brothers (Dad). 

If you read my previous tweets you would know that I am having Jeep problems. But before I left I checked my oil and it looked to be perfect but I was still having issues with my oil pressure gauge. Traffic was horrible and it took me 2 and a half hours (normally an hour and a half) to get to my moms. I watched the oil gauge the entire time and it was all over the place. There were times when my oil pressure got so low that my check engine light would come on. I was on pins and needles the entire time and even considered turning around and going home. But I wanted to see my family for for Christmas so I took a chance.

Got to my mom's and my step dad wasn't feeling well and was sleeping so my Mom and I went out to Denny's for some lunch. Had a great visit, we chatted about everything. That's one of many things I love about my mom is we can talk about anything.. and most of the time we do.

We got back to her place and exchanged gifts, she loved the pictures of Kenobi (grandson) & Molly (granddaughter) that I gave her. We visited for another hour or so before I had to leave. I left her place a little after 4 and made my way over to my brothers. Once again my jeep was okay but I was worried the entire time. Took some toll roads to avoid some of the traffic. Got to my brothers around 5:30pm. Brother, sister-in-law, nephew, niece and dad were there as well as Lora's sister. I had asked dad if he could make us some Christmas dinner (Turkey). He was glad to so by the time I got there dinner was almost ready. We ate and it was excellent, we then exchanged gifts.

The best part of the gift exchange was watching my nephew and niece open their gifts. I got both of them clothes (at the request of their mom) but I did get Molly a birthday gift (toy purse) and a doll which she liked. Kenobi was super excited to open gifts and to my surprise he was actually happy with the clothes. One piece of clothing that he really liked was his Superman footie PJ's with a cape. He had to put them on immediately and run around the house for the next hour pretending to fly.. it was pretty awesome.

Played with both my niece and nephew for another hour before calling it a night and heading home. Once again I stressed out about the drive home but I made it home safely. This will be the last time I drive the jeep.. it will now just sit there for the two weeks while I'm on vacation and when I get back I'll be looking for a new car.

Not a traditional family Christmas but it was good to see everyone. I'll miss them this year as I spent the last 41 Christmas' with them.. this will be the first year that I'm not with them. But I'm going to be spending my Holidays with one of my favorite people in the world.. so it's all good. :)

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  1. Have a super time. this is the first year all my kids wont be with us because of in-laws etc. yet life changes and we deal with it. Merry Christmas ,Kenny