Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Montana Vacation - Day 2

Woke up in Montana.. yay. Chris wanted to take me out to breakfast to one of his favorite place called Tracy's. The breakfast was very tasty and I'm sure full of calories. Afterwards we headed to Albertson's to pick up some groceries. Chris has been super busy with work so he had nothing in the house. We also had to pick up a turkey and all the trimming for our Christmas dinner. Spent about $260 on food which hopefully will last my two weeks here.. but I doubt it.

After grocery shopping we headed next door to Target to pick up decorations for the Christmas Tree. Chris doesn't normally do a tree but since I was coming down to visit I insisted so we had to go pick up lights, bulbs, ornaments and all things associated with a Christmas tree.

We then headed over to Joann's to find some fabric to make our own stockings. This was an idea of Chris' and I love it. We are going to make some geeky stockings for ourselves. Joann's had a ton of very geeky fabric... lot's of Star Wars and Star Trek. It was extremely tough picking out just two prints, one for the front and one for the back. There were so many prints that I now want to make pillows and other cool geeky things with them. We may actually go back and buy more material to make more things while I'm on vacation here.

Afterwards we went to a sporting goods place called Scheels to get a Christmas tree permit so we could cut down our own Christmas tree. It only costs $5, which isn't bad for a tree.

We planned to go out and cut done our tree today but time got away from us and we had to drive at least an hour to get to where we could cut down trees.. so we opted to just come back home, unload everything and watch some screeners that I had brought. We watched Wreck it Ralph, which we both had seen in the theater but enjoyed it so much we wanted to see it again.

Once the movie was over Chris had to go into work for 3 1/2 hours and I hung out at his place catching up on my blog, doing dishes and watching some Friends and Big Bang Theory.

Chris got home around 11pm and we hung out for an hour or so chatting. Chris got a package from our friend Robert so he opened it before we called it a night.

Lot's of fun today.. one thing I love about hanging with Chris is that we can be apart for three months and it only takes a matter of an few minutes and it's as though we've never been apart. I haven't been here in Montana since April but being here now it doesn't feel like I ever left.  Looking forward to tomorrow... what do we have planned.. I have no idea.. but whatever it is I'll be doing it with Chris and I can't ask for anything better.

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