Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wondercon & Podcasting

Last night while talking to my buddy Will I found out that he got his professional passes for Wondercon. He also sent in verification last year and didn't have to show it again. So this morning I emailed them asking why I had to prove I was a professional last and and then again this year as it's suppose to last for 3 years.  And this was the response I got: "Kenny,  It appears that my predecessor approved your application and sent you the email, but failed to change your actual Member Class. I have rectified this error and you should be able to register for WonderCon (and Comic-Con) as normal.  If you have any further issues, let me know."

So guess what I did.. I registered for Wondercon and got two guest pass for my friends Chris and Jes. I still don't know if I'm going all three days (Friday - Sunday) as I don't know if I can get Friday off but I'm defiantly going for the weekend. Chris is also still up in the air, since he had to fly in from Montana but hopefully will know more about his situation soon. Really the only reason I go to Wondercon is to cosplay.. it's kind of an addiction. Will have to see if I can tweak my Hobbit outfit a bit so it's not the same as last year.

After work I went over to Teal's place to record a quick podcast for My Gimpy Life podcast #10. It's going to be my final podcast for this series, at least for the time being. It was a quick 20 minutes and I was on my way home.. will have it edited up and posted at the beginning of February.

Was going to spend the rest of the day just chilling and catching up on some TV (I haven't done that in a long while) but of course for the last hour or so I jumped on LOTRO to mine and gather goodies.

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